heat wave


Today the temp reached just shy of 40 degrees.  The six inches of snow we got yesterday, melting.  The sun, shining.  The wind, calm.  The fresh air, wonderful.

More snow and cold is on the way, but for today and another near 40 degree day tomorrow, we will enjoy this February heat wave after what has been a very long winter.


georgia - yes… warm here, too! and going to be 50° tomorrow! somebody stopped by today, so i opened my door and was surprised at how warm it was out… and sunny, too. the sun gave me so much hope today. all i am worried about is the snow melting and coming in our basement… probably had about 6 feet of snow on our roof. yikes! glad you had some warmth. like you, we are expecting some more nasty weather on its tail. freezing rain and stuff. love the 4th and 5th shots of e2 in that bright blue coat against the pretty snow.

gina - adorable and beautiful. wish i would have ventured out in the nice weather..xo

Heather - Oh Stacey, I adore these photos! Love how the blue pops on the white snow. It looks so beautiful. I love winter days like that. You guys totally deserve weather like this!

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