waiting for the sleep to come


It’s 9:50pm on a school night.  She’s still awake.  Lying on the couch adjacent to me, watching the Olympics, figure skating.  I tucked her in nearly an hour ago and she came down a few minutes later.  “I can’t sleep, mama.”  Okay.  I snuggled her up into a quilt and told her just to relax, thinking she would probably be out in a matter of minutes and Darin would carry her up to bed after he got home from the gym.  But no, her eyes are wide open.  She’s still awake.  Waiting for the sleep to come.

I feel like I’m in that same position lately.  Waiting for the sleep to come.  Running ragged.  Tired, yet my eyes are wide open.  Just wanting some rest, already.

She just asked me to come pray with her.  “Mama, can you pray that I can fall asleep?”  I did.  And now her eyes are closed and I can hear her breathing deeply, all curled up in a ball in the corner of the couch.  I love watching her sleep.  And I know my sleep will come in time, too.

Danica - My gosh Stacey she looks so grown up! Your pictures are, as usual, AMAZING.

georgia - oh, i can just feel the weariness in your words, friend. it’s palpable. hoping you find the rest you need in the days ahead. will pray for you both to find rest.

Andrea - She looks so much older in these photos.
Glad her sleep came. And I pray your rest comes soon. I’m holding tight to what little rest I’ve been able to find in these last couple of weeks, knowing the long sleepless nights will soon be here.

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