10 on 10: the first day of february


My hope this year for this 10 on 10 project is to document life and to tell stories in 10 images.  This month, I’m switching it up a bit from home life to friend life.  Plus, there is a beach.  And what’s better than a beach in February when you’re from Minnesota?  Enough said.

These photos were taken on the first day of February, as I visited a few of my far away friends in California.  We stopped by one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.  (You may remember when I went there with D last summer?)  Watching the sun set at this gorgeous place with some dear friends was lovely.  I’m only sharing a fraction of the photos I took that night, just a small snippet of the story of sand and sun and friends.

After you are done here please stop by and visit the talented Katy Tuttle.  Um, she’s amazing.


kari - Those rivulets in the sand, heading toward the ocean, are stunning. Beautiful photographs!

Heather Robinson - Oh Stacy, these are glorious! I want to be there right now!

justine - wow! these are just beautiful! What an incredibly amazing place to take photos! I feel like I’m right there with you!

annie - Wow what a fun 10 on 10! What a beautiful place and the way sun shines through the rocks is amazing! Lovely work Stacey!

katy tuttle - What light!!!! Gorgeous!

Nikki Sinclair - These shots are gorgeous! Thanks for bringing some warmth and beauty into my evening!

deanna mccasland - Woah! So gorgeous!! These are breathtaking!

Breanna - these are gorgeous- what a special place you got to visit!

Rhonda - Holy cow these are beautiful!!!

Naomi - Sigh….so pretty.

Lamb Loves Fox - I want to be here. Now. These images are terrific! Beautiful, beautiful use of light <3

Kristin Hallak - Holy cow these are breathtaking! I would like to be transported now!

Alana Rasbach - These are all so good. And I want to visit.

Michelle - So gorgeous! And it makes me so happy to see Aleta in our pictures. She’s such a perfect Extrovert to add into our mix. :)

Missy Day - I LOVE the sand photos— all of them. Especially the ones with the rocks and water trails. LOVE.

May Brown - Beautiful photos!

Tracey Morris - Beautiful beautiful beautiful. And I am so glad that we could go there when it was sunny …and have a beautiful sunset! And I’d like to just say that this CA girl and you MN have been there the same amount of times! ;}

Heather M. - oh dear friend. these photos are amazing. sitting here crying as i remember our time together. that night was magical. it went by far too quickly. so glad you shared these.

Andrea - Beautiful as always! So lucky to be part of such a talented group of photographers!!

Jen Downer - Absolutely beautiful.

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