from snow to sand


It was my third year visiting my friends in California.  And it was my third year leaving the snow for the sand.  It’s always the highlight.  Stepping out onto that sand and feeling the warm sun on my face, the wind of the ocean in my hair.  This was the first of those times on this trip.  Twenty four hours prior I was shoveling seven inches of fresh snow from my driveway, and I was now getting sand in my moccasins.  Such a wonderful change.


gina - these are so beautiful! Love the sea foam photo. So glad you had a wonderful time. xoxo

Tracey - Such beautiful shots Stace. I love that place and that stretch of the coast line and so happy you could be there to share it with me. :)

Laura - Isn’t it lovely!!! I’m glad you got a break from the snow!

Heather M. - these photos are so gorgeous, stacey! i love seeing what your eye captured. kinda wishing i was still there!

Michelle - That change is always so surreal. Sand in your shoes just can’t be annoying when the alternative is snow in your shoes. ;)

Rhonda - What a wonderful thing!!!

Karli - These are gorgeous!!! Just what I needed on this cold winter morning. Beautiful!!

Andrea - So happy you got to see your good friends again for the third year in a row! Bet you all had a blast. What a blessing.

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