I sit here tonight feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed at the 400+ photos I just uploaded onto Lightroom, not knowing where to start.

Overwhelmed with oceans and redwoods and beaches and sunsets.

Overwhelmed at the beautiful weekend I just had with my beautiful friends.

Overwhelmed with wise words and coffee “runs” and long hugs that I wish could have lasted much longer.

Overwhelmed with the cold again.  The cold.

Overwhelmed at how reality hit me straight in the face this morning.

Overwhelmed with tears today.  Lots of tears.

Overwhelmed with the sweetness of my sweet kids today.

Overwhelmed with my husband.  He is so good.

Overwhelmed with how big my God is, even when I feel so small.

Overwhelmed with the love I feel from those who know me.

Overwhelmed with life, yet overwhelmed with gratitude.

Overwhelmed with the work it takes to feel, and the joy it takes to feel.

Overwhelmed with Leo kisses and snuggles and that I’m missed when I’m gone.

I sit here tonight feeling overwhelmed.

gina - hugs and prayers for you.

Heather M. - big huge hugs, my friend. i wish the ones in real life could have lasted longer too. miss you so very much. praying for all those big emotions you are feeling right now. and i really like that photo. thanks for capturing me. takes me back to that overwhelmed feeling i was having at that beach. love you. xoxo

sara - hugs sweet friend.
i love you heart.
can’t wait to see more of these 400 pics.
i can only imagine the joy you all shared!

Naomi - I know the feeling all too well right now. Although, your overwhelmed sounds better than mine. Im overwhelmed with tears and grief. Id take your overwhelmed over mine any day.

Rosanna - I know for me, sometimes traveling &especially out there when time slows down & allows you to take the time to rejuvenate your soul or whatnot.. Overwhelmed is exactly what I feel when I have to go back to the way it was.. The nice part is I can take 5mins & revisit it mentally quite often! I’m glad you were able to spend time with your friends& I selfishly am so excited to check out your pictures ;) Sleep well~sweet dreams Stacey

Andrea - So sorry you feel so overwhelmed.
So glad you had such a lovely time with wonderful friends.

Michelle - ***Big Hugs***

Laura - I know the feeling. *virtual hugs*

carla - Can’t wait to see pictures.
Funny how overwhelmed can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on the situation. Sorry to hear that you’re overwhelmed with the cold (I know the feeling) but happy that you’re overwhelmed with love. ♥

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