remembering summer: evie selfie


This winter has been brutal, people.  Brutal.  Us Minnesotans are tough and can deal with a lot of snow and cold.  But this winter the bitter temps have all of us going crazy.  I am hanging on by a very thin thread.  And let’s not forget to mention the five, yes FIVE, days school has been closed so far this month due to the cold.  Not the snow.  The cold.  On a snow day you can tell the kids to go play in the fresh white stuff for hours while you enjoy your coffee in peace.  Not appropriate when frostbite in possible in less than 10 minutes.  A very thin thread, I tell you.

Forgive me if it seems as if I’m whining or complaining (although this post tells me I have a right to complain, #1 friends, #1).  After all, I choose to live here.  And summer will come.  Eventually.  And God willing this polar vortex stuff will not happen again for another 30 years.  It will all be okay, this I know.  I will hang in there.  But I may cry and eat copious amounts of chocolate while doing so.

So tonight, in order to prevent the emotional melt down of getting yet another email saying school is canceled in the morning, I looked through some photos from last summer.  Ahhhh….summer.  Let’s just all close our eyes and imagine that for a moment….  And I found a whole folder of photos taken with Evie’s little waterproof point and shoot camera from our trip to the WI Dells.  I couldn’t help but smile at this one, a selfie taken under water.  My little fish.  I love her so much.  I needed that smile tonight and a little remembrance of a wonderful summer time.


Heather M. - I absolutely adore that photo of E!

Michelle - I adore this photo so much. Truly, I want a photo like this of myself. Tell Evie she took an AMAZING selfie! And I love her goggles.

Nikki Sinclair - I hear you and agree with everything regarding winter. Thanks for this great picture – I think you should submit it to the Dells for their advertising. Stay warm!

Jean - Stacey, it’s our new quarter and high schoolers have had to reschedule finals twice because of the closure! Educators are just as unhappy. Brady even said I had wayyy too much energy- that I did. I’m very much over this freezing frost bite weather. I usually do not whine to this extent, but it’s crazzzzy!! Hoping this is the last of it! We already have to make up a few days in June. So, not fun for anyone. Hang in there!!

Andrea - I was just telling Eric tonight that I think we live in the perfect place (after watching the national news about the crazy cold you all are experiencing) We can get tons of rain but we will never have winter weather like you guys get, and we will never have the brutal dry scorching summers like a lot of the country gets. Yes, after all my years of complaining of the grey skies and rain, I can say I love it here and wouldn’t live anywhere else except maybe in Oregon or Northern California.
Just a few days and you’ll be in sunny CA though. Lucky you!!!! Have fun!!

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