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My dear friend texted me last week asking if I could quick come shoot a last minute photo session while her girls had a day off of school and before her husband had to head to work that morning.  All between feedings and pumping and doctor’s appointments.  Just a few weeks earlier I was in the operating room with her as her nurse and now I had the joy of capturing all of them together, with their newest addition, a girl.  Four girls.  I do believe it was definitely meant to be that way. Four amazing girls with some pretty amazing parents.  I adore this family.

I went to their adorable city home, and as the snow was gently falling outside providing a beautiful white backdrop through the porch windows, I captured their new family of six.  And after dad went to work, I followed the girls around a bit longer.  It was so fun to see them all dote over sweet baby C.  They each had to have their turn holding her.  This wasn’t a family that wanted another baby “to try for that boy”. They just wanted to add some more love.  And there is a lot of love in this home.

Oh those newborn weeks….I feel for my friend.  Struggling with nursing and hormones and no sleep and a c-section scar and then taking care of three other ones, too.  But I know she waited and prayed a long time for this blessing.  And I know she’s so thankful that she’s now here, safe and sound.  As you’ll be able to tell below, it’s obvious they are all smitten with this little one.

Enjoy the photos of our time together.  I can’t watch them without getting a little teary.  (Music by Matthew West.)


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Danica - Those girls are amazing :) And of course, once again, so are your photos :)

Tracey - I think this is my most favorite set of family photos of yours that you’ve ever taken. The light is just beautiful! What a gift!

Heather M. - i just adore their house! all those windows. beautiful photos of a beautiful family.

Jessica - Lovely and sweet session! OK, now tell me what happened lately with your photos, because something changed. They seem much sharper than before, that’s the only way I know how to describe it. New camera? New lens? New editing? Spill the beans, please! Beautiful photos, too, by the way!!!

Naomi - These are so very sweet. I think 4 girls is perfect for them. :) These pics make me want to turn back time to get a newborn session captured…well, almost. The newborn sleep thing is for the birds. Oh wait, mine still sleeps like a newborn. Ha!

Andrea - You are SO amazingly talented!!! These are gorgeous. Makes me wish you could come out to WA and take pics for us.
And can I just say how much I love all those windows in their home?!

Anna - Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family! Stacey, you are so talented! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Bettye Rainwater - ohmygosh what a sweet family! and those little girls – how loving they are with their new baby sister :-) your photos captured so beautifully what a loving and happy family this appears to be.

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