currently hearting….


Less TV and more reading.

This song.

And this song

My dog curled up on the loveseat right next to me.

Phone calls from a friend just checking in.

Evie’s love for music and watching her sing with her headphones and her shuffle.

The sparkly snow on our front step.

The promise of warmer days in just over a week.

Running with a partner who lives miles away, accomplishing four miles today “with” her.

My mornings with Eli.

A card on the island from my husband, and another from a sweet friend.

A beautiful new scarf.

Smoothies from my new blender.

Making summer plans.

Jimmy Fallon.

Counting my blessings in my gratitude journal.

Dark chocolate covered almonds.

His excitement about reading.

Her excitement about Minecraft club.

Snuggling a new baby.

My comfy sweater and sweat pants and slipper boots.

The caramel coffee from my mother-in-law.

Homemade meals.

And one more song.

And I heart that you all stop by to visit.  xo

Amanda - I popped over to jot down the book list you posted recently and I just love this list. :) If Zech 2:5 is the verse I am constantly reciting, Oceans is the song I am constantly singing. And summer plans sounds divine. :)

Heather M. - Love this list! Makes me feel closer to you. Miss you so much!

georgia - p.s.
i love this photo. it has sort of a kinfolk-esque vibe to it. love that. have been trying to find/reveal that sort of kinfolky mood in my photos lately.

georgia - i kid you not… just as i scrolled down through the bloglovin daily feed email and saw the thumbnail for your post, brac and i had been talking about carrots… because isaac just told us he wants one, and with his stomach bug, we were wondering if it would be too hard on his stomach to eat one. then i look and see your photo for your post. i like those kind of coincidences. love your list. please send some of that warm weather to us, because it’s woefully cold here. now i will check out the songs you are hearting.

Nikki Sinclair - I love your lists! I’m also loving the Marie Miller song – I had never seen her though. She is so cute and I heart her dress! Hillsong is always great as well. I’m waiting with you for that warmer weather…

Jenn - Oh, what a perfectly beautiful list! And I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. :)

Naomi - Here I am..awake with the baby… So ill read blogs. I heart jimmy fallon too. If you havent seen it, you tube the lip sync off with joseph gordon levitt. Love it. And when you said warmer days ahead i got all excited and looked at the weather and was trying to figure out what crack you were smoking. Lol. Then it dawned on me. Ha! Im delirious. Great list friend.

michelle - You got a new blender?? Which one did you get!? :)

Andrea - Good work on the running with Michelle! So fun you gals do that.
Have fun with the gals in CA! I’m sure you all will have such an amazing time!

Jean - 4 miles! That is awesome! I miss running! Way to go! And I think that’s super cute you two “run together.”
We all could use warmer days – our kids at school has had too many in door recess :(

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