learning to tie


Remembering when tying your shoes was lesson 101 in kindergarten?  Well, yeah, they don’t teach that in kindergarten anymore.  It falls on the parents now.  And I remembered teaching Evie to tie her shoes.  And let’s just say it was….challenging.  She eventually got it, yes, but I may have aged a few years in the process.

I knew with Eli it would be a different kind of challenge.  Because he’s the kid that’s very stubborn and refuses to give up until he does it perfectly all all by himself without any help.  I knew on the day I decided to sit down and teach him I would be sitting there awhile because he would be there until he got it.  Evie was my kid that could have cared less.  She tried for a few minutes and then wanted to go onto the next thing.  It took multiple “let’s learn to tie your shoes” sessions.  But with Eli I knew it would be one and done.  He just might have a few little tantrums in the process when things didn’t go quite right.

And I called it.  It went exactly how I thought.  He sat on that floor until he was able to tie his shoes all by himself without any help.  He may have threw the shoes down several times in the process, but he kept at it until he had success sporting a big proud smile on his face.

It’s fun to watch my kids and notice the different ways they go about things.  And I’ve come to learn, especially lately, that there is no right or wrong way.  They are each going to do things differently and at their own pace and that’s perfectly fine.  It’s my job as a parent to encourage them regardless if it takes multiple mini sessions or a very long one and done.


Michelle - Tracey’s comment made me laugh. Aaron is the same way. Ties them once then forever more just slips them on and off. ;)

The beauty of having more than one kid is you really learn that lesson well, there are a lot of ways to do something and no right or wrong way. Such a great lesson. :)

Naomi - Somehow i missed this in my feed! Way to go Eli! Owen just learned to tie his shoes…thanks to the hubby. Im afraid Im not so patient. Ha! But, the only reason he learned is because I accidentally bought tie boots (i thought they had laces that you didnt have to tie–at least thats how they looked online..) and the para at school kept telling him he needed to learn because she always had to tie them. Lol. Although, im not sure if i should laugh at that comment or be irritated. :)

Tracey - Love this. Because it is so true. And can I just say that my son still doesn’t tie his shoes. He has shoes with laces. They get tied once and then for the life of them he slips them off and on without untying. I think he’s really 14 and still not learned how to tie his shoes!

georgia - i desperately need patience with teaching isaac things… especially lately. poor little guy gets so much taken out on him these days. i tend to vent on him and it often comes out when he isn’t getting something that i really need him to get right away. thank goodness he has velcro shoes right now, for his sake. =)

gina - So very true…i need to remind myself of how different they are supposed to be. They are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom. xxoo

Heather M. - It’s truly amazing how different they can be, isn’t it? I think that often about my own.

I’m amazed that you are teaching him already. We just taught Helayna at the beginning of this school year. Gulp.

Adore these photos of your boy. You are such a good mama.

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