on the ice



I live in the land of snow and cold and have my whole life yet I still get amazed at how a lake can freeze and I can walk on top of it.  How in January we can just leisurely stroll down the snow drifts next to the frozen water’s edge and step out onto the snow packed ice.  How we can run out into the middle where just months before we would have had to tread water to stay afloat in that very same spot.  Yes, the cold is cold, but it makes the ice thick so that it can hold us.



I find it strangely comforting and peaceful being out on that ice.  Yes, the winters are harsh and long, but we get to walk out onto the water and know that we are being held.

Even in the winters of my life my Creator will make the ice thick enough that it won’t crack.  Then I’m able to step out there and enjoy the beauty of it all.


Amanda - I’ve always been a Minnesotan, but terrified of walking on the ice… I have this fear that ice is never thick enough and no one will convince me otherwise. But a side of this…:) I love how you captured the light and this beautiful day.

georgia - oh, how i love what you wrote here. and the photos as always. but what you wrote. yes. never thought of looking at winters of life that way. i guess either way… like peter in the storm, or in our winters, God wants us to have faith and walk on the water.

gina - beautiful…

Heather M. - These photos are so beautiful. Walking on a frozen lake really is amazing. I’ve thought the same thing.

That last line of yours. I needed to hear that this morning. Love you.

Jean - I love being able to enjoy our MN ice cold winters as long as we could enjoy it like this, bearable. Have the kids gone ice fishing, ever?

Andrea - The light in these is so pretty.
Beautiful words.

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