10 on 10: 10 minutes at 10:00


Late last year I was invited to join a group of talented photographers for a monthly blog project, 10 on 10, starting in the new year.  I gratefully accepted the invitation.  Because late last year I had a hard time picking up my camera.  It wasn’t really fun.  I felt uninspired, uncreative (is that a word?), and unmotivated. So when this opportunity arose I jumped at it.  Anything to get me excited about creating with my camera again.

You’ve probably seen projects like this around the interwebs.  Post 10 photos on the 10th of each month.  Then link to another photographer.  Pretty simple, right?  Yet I’m excited about the creative freedom that 10 on 10 can mean.  And I’m excited to see what these other lovely ladies post.

This month I took it pretty literal.  I love telling stories with my photos so I did just that.  I picked up my camera at 10:00am on a weekday and documented 10 minutes of time in our home.  Up the stairs, bouncing boy, down the stairs, computer boy….a little snippet of life with my 5-year-old as told in 10 photos.


Now please go and check out Alana’s 10 on 10 and visit everyone in this talented circle!  Looking forward to sharing this project with you this year.  xo

alana rasbach - so good, Stacey! my favorite is the dog/tail/boy-on-ball set.

Tracey - Love these Stace. Love E’s hair! Love the light. Bethany asked me if I wanted to join this 10 on 10 but it was right in the middle of my computer stuff crashing and I was just not in a place to make any decisions. And photo stuff just made me emotional. Maybe I will join you all. :)

Liza - Wow, what a clever blog circle. I’m a little weird and like the picture of the window and the stairs. I feel like I’m right in the room.

justine - these are just too good. At first I was stuck on the mirror ones with your boy bouncing around.. and then the dog ones and then the computer ones… now I’ve concluded the whole post is just too damn much! haha. Seriously, such good story telling.

Heather Robinson - sorry to hear that you were in a photography slump. been there. i hope this project pulls you up. i have to say that i am beyond inspired by each and every one of these images. you excel at story telling. the two mirror shots side by side and the two side by side shots with the bouncing ball and the dog are incredible. so pumped to be in this group with you!

Naomi - What a fun project! I might have to do my own to force me to get my camera out. Ha. Love your little 10 min snippet of life. :)

Kristin Hallak - These are fabulous! Especially love the ones with the your son on the ball with the dog and computer ones! I love that you started this at 10am for 10mins. :)

gina - I am excited for your project! Although I would like you to do it a little more often than once a month since I pump about 10 times a day! Love it.


Lamb Loves Fox - These are lovely! And what a great concept, 10 minutes at 10am, love it! I didn’t have a lot of time and was fairly rushed and boring with my 10 this month. Next month I want to do something more like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

Annie - Such great story telling Stacey!! I love the self portrait with the bouncing boy, too cute!

Missy D. - Love the clothes on the stairs— so true-to-life! Haha. :)

Andrea - What an honor to be part of this group! You are amazingly talented and will definitely make a name for yourself in the photography circles. Keep up the good work! You’re an amazing story teller.

Breanna - love your spin on this Stacey! these images are a treasure <3

Jen Downer - LOVE the 10 min documentation! and I have big love for your boy’s hair + dog’s fur. matching!!!

tara pollard pakosta - totally love that you did this in a span of 10 minutes yet it says so much! your photos are lovely works of art!

Heather M. - You have such an incredible way of capturing the everyday. Love that you are doing this and looking forward to seeing your photos this year!

michelle - I love the photo of the stairs. Is that a weird favorite to choose? We had a house with those same carpeted stairs for 13 years. Those were the stairs that led up to our bedrooms. That my kids crawled up and down. That they fell down on occasion. They were a big part of our everyday life. Our new house has no stairs. I love living in a house with no stairs but when I see that photo my heart aches a little at the memories of our old house and the stairs.

Is that a lot of feelings to have about stairs? ;)

Bethany - That last one is so sweet! I love your dog. He makes me want to get one myself.

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