remembering summer: light catching


I thought maybe my first post of 2014 would be the typical “yay it’s the first post of the new year!” kind of post.  Where I speak of new year stuff.  Maybe a few simple resolutions, or things I want to do differently, or habits I need to change.  But to be completely honest I wasn’t feeling it.  And then -26 degrees hit this morning and I really wasn’t feeling it.  It’s cold.  And then it was just an emotional day.  One of those days as a parent that you are extremely grateful yet completely terrified of what the future holds.  Everything is fine, in fact, it’s good.  Yet it’s hard.  And that’s all I really want to say about that right now.  So yeah, not feeling the whole “yay it’s a new year” kind of post.

So instead, I’m remembering summer on this record breaking cold night.  I’m looking over these photos of my kids by the lake waiting for the fireflies, as I caught the light that surrounded them.  And that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?  Looking for the light that surrounds them.  It’s all around them.  I could stare at these photos all night and dream of being there again….on that humid summer evening watching them surrounded by the light.

Resting in the promise of warmer days ahead and feeling the light.


georgia - know what you mean… same reason i did a “spring” theme for my new years day. i need to get out of winter and into warm and light. i love the mood in these. and the colors. the last three shots together are so pretty. i love that you have this one body of water that always shows up in your posts. wish i could see it some day.

Tracey - I can’t believe I’m looking at these and then seeing this same place on your Instagram shots but you are standing on the frozen lake! Crazy!!!!

Heather - That light is amazing and so are these photos. Dreaming of warm summer days with you!

liza - It’s not wonder you’re not feeling it. It’s too dang cold to feel your fingers and toes, too, with the stupid cold you’re having. I hope you have a shorter than usual winter. It certainly has a lion’s strength and could wear itself out soon. Stay warm.

Jean - i know… i’m waiting for summer and hope that winter doesn’t stay until june, i’ll be so mad if it does.

schools are closed again tomorrow, which means, i get the day off again. i kind of miss work, yet it has been nice to have a few days off to reorganize the house.

praying for warmer days for us midwesterners!

Andrea - Beautiful light in these. I can almost feel the summerness in these. :-)
Stay warm, friend! I just can’t believe your weather!

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