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It’s the last day of the year so I thought it would only be appropriate to end on a completely random note:

The above photos are some random pics from our Christmas day.  We always open up gifts on Christmas Eve, and then open the gifts from Santa (i.e. the practical stocking stuffers) Christmas morning.  Apparently my kids are getting older and no longer get excitement out of toothpaste and socks because each of them said, “We have to tell Santa to get us better stocking stuffers next year.”

I was extremely blessed to have Christmas Day off this year.  It was my holiday to work, but because they were overstaffed I was not scheduled and I was thrilled.  Sure, working Christmas Day can bring in some big bucks (triple time for all my non-nurse friends), but as my kids are getting older I am cherishing every holiday spent with them.  And even though some extra cash this time of year is always appreciated and I understand some nurses really count on that extra income, I will always remember what another more senior nurse once said to me.  She said that if there is one thing she regretted as her children were growing up it was that she picked up holidays for the money instead of just staying home.  She wishes she would have spent that time with her family.  I want my family to know that I would choose them over triple time any day.  Life is way too short.

We continued with our Christmas tradition of making homemade cinnamon rolls Christmas morning.  It’s fun to see the kids help more and more each year.  And even though I often prefer cream cheese frosting, I think I liked the maple frosting better this year.  Although, really, how can you go wrong with either?

Because of said cinnamon rolls and numerous other holiday treats, I will be trying to squeeze into my jeans that barely fit which I just discovered today after pretty much living in my yoga or pajama pants for the past week.

Over Christmas I suffered through yet another horrible cold, my second of the winter so far.  I’m blaming the cold weather.  (Skip over next random thought if you’d rather not read another rant about our Minnesota cold weather.)

So let me talk about our Minnesota cold weather.  It’s been cold.  Like negative number single digit cold.  For like days.  Sure, we might have a 20 degree day thrown in just to tease us, or maybe even a 30 degree day where we get our our flip flops and run around without coats, but the majority of our days in December have been negative number single digit cold.  We typically see this in January, but not this early.  And I’m so over it and it’s not even January.  I am going to need some serious prayer if this keeps up.

Christmas afternoon we drove down to Fairmont to spend the evening with my mom and sister, Ben and Haddie.  Unfortunately Ben was sick (probably due to the cold weather), but we had a wonderful time, the kids in their matching PJ’s and Haddie being adorable.  We ended the night with our yearly tradition, a birthday cake for Jesus.

Let’s talk about Christmas gifts, shall we?  Best Christmas gift the kids received: a Rainbow Loom.  Oh, I know it’s all the rage, but it’s seriously addicting.  And the kids love it and will actually sit still for more than 10 seconds to make a bracelet.  Other than the million little rubber bands now littering my house, I give it an A+.  Worst gift the kids received: a Furby.  Oh, I know it’s all the rage, but it’s seriously annoying.  And the kids love it, but I am ready to throw them out into the snow so I won’t have to listen to their high pitched voices any longer.

Honestly, though, my mom is always so generous with her gift giving and we are so grateful.

I have officially entered the world of Legos.  I love watching both of my kids sit quietly and build them step by step.  I do not love the storage challenge it presents.  Open to any ideas that you all might have, my Lego friends.

We still have two more Christmas celebrations to go.  I may have to either continue living in my yoga pants or buy bigger jeans.

After this post, where I discovered the kids playing the iPads when they knew they were not supposed to, I took them away indefinitely.  It’s nearly two weeks later and they have not gotten them back (except to watch youtube videos on how to rainbow loom).  And except for the occasional TV show or movie, the kids have been totally electronics free since December 18.  No Nintendo DS, no playing our phones, no Wii, no computer.  Even on the car ride to Nana’s house.  I know, I can hardly believe it either.  It’s been a good thing for all of us and I’ve been amazed at how the fighting and whining and tantrums have dramatically decreased because of it.  They are actually playing with their toys and playing together.  It seriously makes me want to throw them out into the snow along with the Furby.  I know I won’t.  And I know we will establish new rules and they will eventually get to play with it all again, but wow.  It’s been a good thing.

Between Christmas and New Year’s this year I had the absolute honor of being the nurse for a dear friend’s delivery.  They had a girl, their fourth, and they are thrilled.  I was her nurse for her last baby, who is now nearly 5 years old, and we always attribute that date to when our friendship really started.  What a blessing for me to be asked to be a part of such a special day.  It makes me all teary eyed thinking about it.  Adore that family so much.

It’s New Year’s Eve which means we are planning a spectacular party with yummy appetizers and staying up until midnight toasting fancy cocktails in sparkly clothes. Um…no.  We are spending a quiet evening at home with our kids who will likely be in bed by 9:00pm because they have been up since 5:45am and we will be grilling some steaks in -5 degree weather because we Minnesotans are crazy like that and we will maybe toast some milk in some plastic cups at 8:00pm and Darin and I will lounge on the couch after the kids crash and maybe catch Ryan Seacrest before quickly turning it to some Netflix show before retiring ourselves long before midnight.  And we will all be in our PJ’s by 6:00pm.  (And my husband just shoveled off the deck in -5 degree weather so that he can grill those steaks.  He rocks.)

It’s New Year’s Eve which means I probably should be thinking of some sort of New Year’s Resolution.  Here’s one: easily fit into favorite jeans again.

And one last random thought….  I just wanted to thank you all for coming here to read my words and see my photos about my little life.  I write this blog for me and my family, but it means so much to me that you take the time to stop and visit.  Much love this New Year and always.  xo  Stacey

Jean - i know… i need to fit back into my favorite pair of jeans, too! i’ve had two weeks off and can’t wait to get back to work.. i’ve been eating wayyy tooo much! :/

the weather is crazy, but i guess i am, too. i went out to get some ben & jerry’s today.

i love that i told my bff how her kids are probably the only ones that do not have an ipad of their own, then she laughed b/c their aunt bought them each one.. then i immediately told her to set rules in the early stage.

happy new year! and i always get excited to read your blog! :)

michelle - I love reading this. Every part of it. Which makes it hard to comment because my comment could end up as long as your post. ;) I sometimes wish that i-stuff hadn’t been invented. I really hate all the times I’m with my family and SOMEONE has there nose buried to their chest and they are lost in the technology. And I really hate how often that person is ME. :( I love that you banned tech over the holiday. And I love that you grill in the winter. I’d like someone to tell me how to live in a cold climate and not grill? Crazy Southerners just don’t understand. We’ve shoveled to grill, too. And we’ve stood at the grill with a flashlight many times because it’s gets dark at 3pm here. ;) Love you, S. Here’s to fitting in our jeans again!!

carla - Already in my pajamas. I’ve got two adorable dates for the evening. :) I will be breaking out champagne – New Year’s tradition of mimosas, but nobody saying I’ll make it tomidnight

trace - I am currently in my pj’s cleaning up the holiday disasters. I can relate with the jeans problem, hence the juice fast with my hubby in the new year! Happy New Year! We will be at home with the family too. Game night and pancakes for dinner.

Andrea - No Wii? Or iPad? Tell me how you did it!! Max has been glued to them both since we’ve been on break. Kills me. Guess I’m just not a tough enough mom or something. Ha!
Happy New Year! Love stopping by your blog to see what’s going on with you and the kids! Hope you’ll stop by mine sometime!
All the best,

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