Christmas cookies


I love traditions and I love that my kids now know what Christmas cookies we make every year.  They start asking the first of December and as the month goes along we check each one off the list, ending with peanut butter blossoms on Christmas Eve Eve.  On this particular day we made sugar cookies and the kids decorated them with frosting and sprinkles and cute little gingerbread men.  I can only pray that they look forward to baking with me each year as they get older.


georgia - your house is immaculate during cookie making. mine would be a disaster. i hope isaac will some day make christmas cookies with me {and that we’re this tidy when we do}. of course, i should probably get in the habit myself if i expect him to do it with me as a tradition. so funny. i think i made christmas cookies once in my life. thought of making them this year… but, well, you know why i didn’t. this is definitely a tradition i want to take up. we can make an angel cookie each year for anysia. sugar cookies are one of my favorite, by the way.

Tracey - Such a fun tradition. Our tradition is the chocolate peanut butter balls. I usually make some other kinds too but those are the ones they start talking about Dec 1!

Andrea - Fun tradition! And a yummy one.
Funny- I just finished making peanut butter blossoms. They are my favorite!
Merry Christmas Eve to you.

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