the sunday before christmas


Today we had one of the laziest days we have had in a long time.  We all stayed in our PJ’s.  The kids watched TV in front of the fireplace.  We had pizza and snacked on Christmas goodies.  We played a family game and wrapped some presents.  We sipped on hot chocolate and coffee.  And we spent over an hour outside playing in the snow.  It was wonderful.  And just what I needed after a stressful and emotional few weeks.  I love my family.

The light flakes fell on and off all day, leaving us about an inch of new powder to play in.  And even though I routinely complain about the cold and our long winters, there is just something about fresh snow the Sunday before Christmas.  It makes me happy. - i know it's too much to ask you to think, AB, rather than blurt and attack but towns and rangel are "icons." the point is more must be asked. and demanded for the people.

Niekto - Think about this. iphone has only fun srawtfoe and good touch, but for the business community is still impractical in my opinion for email, especially client based and pop3, and other biz functions. Add power of Google apps, and add fun (Google earth, barcode, and expand app store) to a Blackberry superior platform, and iphone will be inferior. Blackberry will be ahead of iphone in 1 yr in my opinion. Keep up the good work Google!

Laura - Such awesome photos!!!! I love how you captured this fun!

Tracey - I’m just catching up on posts! I love this set of photos. I love the blurry one of Leo running Evie face down in the snow. Awesome. These are so perfect!

Gina - Love this post! What a great day and well deserved! xoxo

Andrea - Sounds like the perfect lazy day! :-)
Love the shots of Leo.

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