remembering summer: learning to skip rocks


I think it’s safe to say that if you live pretty much ANYWHERE right now, even California or Texas, you could use a dose of summer right now.  It’s been downright cold.  And yes, even in Minnesota, where we are used to the bitter temps, it’s been too cold too early.  The high temperature today was 0 degrees, people.  The HIGH temperature.  I won’t even tell you what the low was (think very negative numbers) or what the windchill was (think super negative numbers).  Yes, we all need some summer all up in here.

So today I’m sharing a few photos I took of Eli from back in August when Darin was teaching him how to skip rocks.  I loved watching him concentrate on holding the rock just so and trying to get the angle just right as he tossed it into the water.  I love how the light hits him, I love his tan lines and the sand on his hands, I love his littleness even though he’s grown so much, I love Leo digging in the dirt and finding rocks of his own, and I love the memory of Darin showing him how it’s done and the look on his face when he had a few successes.

So here is a little summer for all of you, along with my sweet E and a playful Leo.


Heather M. - this makes me dream of summer. love, love, love the light in these.

Amanda - Yes, seeing these makes me feel a bit warmer. And I can smell the sunscreen on their warm skin. And I love his tan line – Jack STILL has his. :) And Leo loves the lake. Perfect.

michelle - These fill me with longing. Oh warm summer. I miss you.

Tracey - Look how tan E is…and how much he has grown since then!!!
That warm summer air on my skin sounds so good right now. :)

Laura - OH, those warm sunny laughter-filled days seem like eons ago!! Thanks for the reminder! :)

Shannon - AH… I feel warmer already! ;)
Love his tan line.

Andrea - Stay warm!! It’s record cold for us as well.

carla - Yes. I most definitely needed this dose of sun and warmth.

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