I know I’ve been away from this place lately.  I can’t exactly trigger what it is.  It might be the business of this time of year.  Or that I just haven’t had the motivation to pick up my camera.  Or that writing in this space right now feels forced.  Or that I just plain haven’t felt like blogging.  Blogging means I need to sit here and think of something to write and share and most nights, the time I would typically blog, I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing.  I just want to sit.  And not have to think. So I haven’t really been blogging.  Because it takes work.  And I’ve been lazy.

So because of this little season I seem to be going through, I forced myself to pick up my camera (almost) daily the month of November.  If I wasn’t really going to be blogging, I at least wanted to capture ordinary life, so I did just that.  And these are some of the things I caught:

her singing about Jesus and doing her musical actions at the breakfast table

him climbing up into my lap and snuggling

cuddle time in our bed

him getting himself dressing in the morning

Leo with a stuffed animal

his shadow, his sweet profile

her compassionate heart

a surprise while casually flipping through a magazine

Leo always right there

me through their eyes, after a very long day, taken by Eli

all bundled up, love them

him being so very patient with her while working on homework

coming in from the cold

neighbor friends and fun

her, just her

his messy bed head hair that he hates having brushed

Saturday morning

them playing so well together

him learning to read

the kindness of a friend

her helping him read

her in the light

him being the usual smiley monkey that he is

her carefully lining them up and deciding which one she will use

his excitement after his first lost tooth


finally, a much needed hair cut by grammie



Ordinary moments that might seem insignificant to you, but mean the world to me.  And a good reminder to me why I pick up my camera and document the story of us.

A November project: By My Side » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] I try to intentionally pick up my camera a bit more and take a photo a day for a month.  I did it last November, and thought I’d do it again this year.  I didn’t have a certain theme, I just wanted […]

Heather M. - i adore these every day photos, stacey. you are so good at this. please put these in a book and print. love you.

Tracey - I always love the photos of your family and kids on the bed and that window light. :) I took a few photos this past month but then was a bit overwhelmed with, you know, other things. :(

Laura - With ya. Wishing I could force life’s motivations to come and go as I see fit…but so often they don’t. I’m just learning to go with the flow as much as I can. “Embrace it”, my husband says. :) I have been forcing myself to take photos and capture life because it is SO FUN to look back and see what we did. The boys love looking through our Picaboo books and sometimes we even browse archived posts on my blog. So it’s worth it. But isn’t always fun. :) LOVE your photos, always.

skeller - life pictures make me happy. you document life so very nicely, with an eye to appreciating the tiny pieces of magic in the “mundane” moments.

Andrea - Blog when you want to. Don’t force it. I don’t blog much anymore (but I started a new blog – crazy!). Nothing to say right now. And like you I’ve been forcing myself to pick up my camera. Lovely photos. Have a great December and new Year!

michelle - Its the ebb and flow of blogging. Don’t force it. I love that you got all these images of daily life. It’s the shots around the house that I treasure, the older my kids get.

Enjoy your mindless time on the couch. Perhaps it’s what’s needed right now more than blogging.

Love you.

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