he lost his first tooth



So I didn’t see this coming.  We had talked about him losing a tooth just a few weeks ago.  He was checking to see if he had any loose teeth and then had me check and there wasn’t a one.  He was bummed.  I reassured him that I’m sure he’ll have a loose tooth soon.  But a few weeks later?

He came home from school today and ate an apple and then triumphantly came running up to me to show me the loose tooth.  Sure, it was loose, but I thought we had at least a few days before it came out!  But no.  A few more apple slices at supper and out it popped.  He was so excited.  Evie was thrilled and helped him write a note to the tooth fairy.  And she shared with him all of her tooth fairy stories.  And then we went upstairs and he put the tooth and his note under his pillow and started speculating with Evie just how much money the tooth fairy would be leaving him.

Was hoping his first baby tooth would hold on just a little bit longer.  But I know he has to grown up.  It’s so fun to see him so excited.  Love this sweet boy so much.


Heather M. - already?! oh my. that note is too cute. still waiting for H to lose her first. she already has 2 adult teeth in but the babies won’t come out. :( so we have until the new year to wiggle them out otherwise the dentist has to pull them. :(

michelle - Awww. This actually makes me really wistful for those days. I can see his excitement and love that Evie shared in it. His little note is adorable. Very sweet!

Tracey - This is so adorable. :) Very very exciting. Now I’m making appts for Z with orthodontists so they can pull out the baby teeth that won’t come out. Not so adorable. :(

carla - I adore kid writing!! Love the letter. Love how he sounded things out. He is just too adorable. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Nikki Sinclair - So exciting! Love his letter too.

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