sacred time


Right before bed.

Some nights it’s all I can do to not scream.  Come on.  GET ON YOUR PJ’s.  Why are you not brushing your TEETH?  Stop fooling around and listen.  I’m not going to tell you again.  Eli!  Where is your blanket?  Evie!!  Come on.  GET ON YOUR PJ’s.

I just want them in bed.  Sleeping.  So I can have a few hours of time on the couch.  Some nights I can’t get them in bed fast enough.  Some nights I’ve just had enough.  It’s too late.  Eli’s been up since 4:45 and I just can not handle one more tantrum.  Evie has spent the past 20 minutes in the bathroom playing with her hair while looking in the mirror instead of brushing her teeth.  We read enough earlier in the day.  We don’t have to read again, right?  It’s straight to their beds.

And then some nights we all climb into our bed.  We cuddle and the kids giggle at Leo who plays with daddy and then jumps up on the covers with us.  We read Bible verses and Evie says how she remembers that one from church and Eli talks about being a nice friend at school and Evie brings up a friend who wasn’t so nice and then we talk about that and so on and so on.  Eli talks about being afraid in his room and Evie scoots closer to him and tells him it’s okay and daddy offers to pray.  And then we take them to their rooms and I remind them just how loved they are and how special they are.  And Evie tells me about her school day and maybe something that’s worrying her and I try to navigate any girl drama.  I tell her that she’s the daughter of the King and she smiles.  And Eli asks me to snuggle with him and tells me he loves me to Jesus and back and then asks for daddy one last time.  And I forget about how long it took for them to brush their teeth and get on their PJ’s and I just want a few more minutes with them just like this.

Sacred time.


gina - i can so relate to this!!!!! xoxo

Ana - You have such a special way of making so many people understand and relate. And FEEL, feel like they aren’t the only ones! The bedtime routine in our house is both my most despised, and most loved time. Getting them actually READY.. UGH! But the few small quiet moments before they actually are sleeping… That is what love is. Some days those few minutes are exactly what I need to put things back into perspective.
Thank you for sharing.

michelle - Sacred Time. The perfect words. I’m still studying Sabbath and reading a book written by a Jewish man in the 1950’s. He explains that in the Jewish faith that holiness happens in TIME rather than SPACE. So while many religions emphasize cathedrals and buildings in the Jewish faith there is more emphasis put on what occurs in time. Like what you describe here. I find that this mindset changes how I see “disruptions” and helps me find appreciation in these MOMENTS.

And as a mom, I can remember when my kids were your kids age and that desperation some days for bed time to hurry up and get here. I think there’s probably a deep lesson in here (and I bet Tracey will be able to articulate it) but I’m too tired from my run. ;)

Love you and love this post and every thing you described.

Heather M. - tears. so get this. every bit of it. love you. you are such an amazing mama. so blessed to call you my friend. xoxo

Andrea - Yes! That was me last night! Just get in bed already! Ack! But there are those fun cuddle times as well and they should be cherished. I’m trying to cherish the time with Max before the baby arrives and I know I won’t have as much time for him. For seven years he’s been my one and only. And this change will be tough on us both.

Carla - Yes. The crazy, fooling around nonsense is very often my nights. I cherish the times that we are not rushing to get to bed. Family time. I love that Leo is included in your family time. :)

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