remembering summer: by the river



It’s 12 degrees with a 4 degree windchill this November morning.  I thought it would be nice to remember warmer times.  On this particular summer day we visited a lovely beach by the river with a dear friend and her boys.  The kids played in the sand and the water and on the rocks.  If I close my eyes I can almost feel those warm rays on my skin.  Almost.  We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to visit that place again.



I think I’ll continue this series though out the winter months as I have lots more summer photos to share.  Maybe it will help me not be so whiny about the cold.  :)

gina - i love all of these and they make me miss summer so much! especially as we approach my least favorite season!!!!! love you.

michelle - We are in the midst of our first “Winter Weather Advisory” and my feet are FREEZING. This post warms my soul. I love the idea of doing more posts like this through the winter. :)

And that tiny baby. *sigh*

Tracey - This looks like such a wonderful place to visit and explore. I know you are heading into your cold weather so I’m looking forward to when you come!

Jean - Please do keep sharing throughout the winter. I’ve lived here all my life (but born in Wisc), I can’t stand the cold much anymore… =(

Lovely photos.

Heather M. - Love these photos! It looks like such a cool spot! I love the one of them in the cave thing. And I’m longing for summer too and it’s just the beginning of winter… I’m all for you sharing summer photos all winter long. :)

Naomi - Please ignore the fact that i said the same thing twice. Im delirious. Darn mommy brain. Beautiful shots!

Naomi - These are fun to see! Was wondering if you were going to post some of the pics you took. So fun to see…and gus had more hair back then. Lol.
Sigh. That was such a lovely day… Take me back! Im going to whine about the cold too. Today was ridiculous. It’s only november…boo.

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