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If you read my blog at all or perhaps follow me on instagram you have surely seen the quilt.  And it’s no secret that I love the quilt.  If you told me I could only grab five things as I ran out of my burning house, the quilt would be one of those things.  We have several quilts in our home that we have been blessed to inherit, but this one is my favorite.

I had hoped that one day it would be ours.  I have admired it for years as it had a place on a spare bed in my mother-in-law’s house.  It is from the 1930s, hand stitched (hand stitched, people) by Darin’s great-grandma.  And unlike the other 1930s quilts we have which are frayed and in need of some repair, this one is in impeccable condition.  I must have proclaimed my love for it frequently, because several months ago my mother-in-law surprised me and brought it up for us to have.  I could have cried.

I think the reason I adore these quilts so much is because they are a tangible piece of our family’s history.  Most of them were made from flour and feed sacks and whatever small pieces of fabric that might have been leftover.  In the Depression Era these quilts were made to keep families warm when blankets were a luxury.

I love that nothing was wasted back then.  I love that Darin’s great-grandma hand made this beautiful heirloom to care for her family.  I love cuddling underneath it with my own kids.  It reminds me of where we came from and God’s provision even when it seems like we don’t have enough.  You may think what you have are just scraps and won’t be useful, but He’ll transform them into something beautiful.  And He will provide warmth and comfort for years to come.

The quilt now rests over a chair in our work in progress reading room.  It’s one of the first things people see when they walk into our home and I love that.


michelle - I’m back looking at this quilt, yet again. And showing Natalie. And we both want to make THIS quilt someday. Just thought you should know how inspired we are by this. :)


michelle - I have very strong feelings about that quilt. And these images are gorgeous. And someday I’m going to learn to quilt just so I can make a blanket that beautiful. And I”m going to use your pictures to help me pick out fabrics because, THAT. QUILT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

Tracey - LOVE that first photo of E. And I love that quilt. I am so happy you have it now. :)

Heather M. - Yes. This is beautiful. That quilt. Your words. The history. Your girl. Just beautiful.

Carla - I have a quilt like that. Mine is yellow and I adore it. It was made by my grandmother — the very first quilt she ever made. I used to sleep with it every time I would visit her. It was one of the few things that I requested when she passed away. Unfortunately, mine is not in impeccable condition. I need to find someone that can repair it. I don’t use it very often because I’m afraid of ripping it more.
Things just aren’t the same nowadays. Love your quilt. Love your photos. ♥♥

Jean - I am very family oriented so I love anything made by family. I don’t have anything from my parents past as they were only able to carry literally, only the things on their back to America after the Vietnam War. So, when I see things from Brady’s childhood, I get so emotional.

I adore this quilt and I am familiar. I love quilts. I love this post!

Andrea - I love that quilt! And that top photo of E may be one of my absolute favorites. Ever. Gorgeous.

Naomi - So so pretty. A beautiful quilt. And why i also love the pictures you just took of the quilt that i inherited. I love the preservation of history!

Amanda - Yes, yes, yes to everything Sara said. Just beautiful. xo

sara - adore this stacey.
the photos. the quilt.
and the story behind it all.

what beauty.

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