books and leaves and hot “toe-toe”


On a gorgeous fall evening last week I spent some time with a dear friend (a former co-worker and a photographer herself), her husband, and her three adorable boys.  I’ve taken photos of her and her family for several years now, so naturally I was thrilled when she asked me to do it again, this time with their latest addition, son #3, on her hip.  And I was even more thrilled when she asked me to come to their house so they could hang out on the couch a bit and play in the backyard and then maybe head downtown to its charming main street for some hot cocoa.  I love home sessions and hot cocoa.

So they did just that.  Read some books, played in their lovely backyard, and jumped in the car to head to the coffee shop on the beautiful yet chilly evening.  On our ride there the sweet 2-year-old (seriously could eat him right up) kept asking, “toe-toe? toe-toe?”.  I took a look at his toes and didn’t see anything unusual.  My friend smiled and translated for me.  “He’s saying cocoa.  His c’s come out like t’s.”  Cutest thing ever.  They enjoyed their hot “toe-toe” and I documented it all with my camera.

I couldn’t help but notice during our time together how happy my friend was.  A constant smile on her face, laughing and beaming over her beautiful boys.  She is a great mama, and I’m so glad I could capture a little sliver of time amidst her sleepless nights and a kitchen remodel and a busy toddler.  Love this family.  The story of our time together is below, music by Ben Harper.


skeller - awwwww, home sessions are THE BEST. And also? Life with three boys is pretty awesome ;-). Stacey, you captured it all beautifully!

Heather M. - Oh Stacey. These photos are SO good. Wow. And yes, you have such an amazing style. I agree with Michelle completely. :)

That photo of Max with his lips and the hot chocolate is to die for. Awesome work, my friend!

carla - Love these! I have always loved that song since Mr. Holland’s Opus. Perfect choice. The light was gorgeous, as always. Beautiful family, beautiful photos.

Andrea - Everything Michelle said! You have such a unique style. You’ve definitely made it as an amazing photographer. Not many people get to that place. Your story-telling with photos is wonderful! These are all so beautiful! Wish you could come out to Camas!

michelle - I adore the light and dark of your images so much. No one else shoots and edits the way you do. You have such a recognizable style and I love it. It is completely YOU, warm and soft and quiet. Adore. And I love seeing Naomi’s family and her Chevron rug that I’ve seen so many times on IG, here on your blog. :)

Naomi - Well, maybe my comment didn’t work? Sorry if you get this twice but basically what I said was….LOVE, PERFECT, HAPPY. Thank you so much, friend. they make my heart so happy. these are perfection. xo

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