a walk with the neighbors



Last week I took a little walk with my neighbors and their three boys in the preserve behind our homes and snapped of few photos for them.  I just want to say a few things…

1.  We are blessed with awesome neighbors.  We have lived next door to them for over 7 years now and I know we could count on them for pretty much anything.

2.  I feel extremely honored to have been the nurse for son #3’s birth.

3.  I can’t believe that son is 4 years old now.

4.  I will never ever forget the day Rusty went to doggy heaven.  My sweet neighbor happened to be outside as Darin and I were carrying him into our van to bring him to the emergency vet.  I was in tears and she said she would go inside and take care of our kids while we went.  I’m so grateful that she was there right then.

5.  Boys are not huge fans of having their photos taken.  But I think I managed to get a few.

6.  On our little walk the 4-year-old somehow walked through a slew of cockleburs and was covered in them.  Hence the two different colored shirts in these photos.

7.  Even though they are boys and they might pretend they are not fond of each other, they are.  I loved seeing how the oldest son took littlest son’s hand and walked with him.  One of my favorite photos is middle son with littlest son.  And littlest son looking up at older brothers?  Yep, they really do love each other.

8.  Middle son and Evie have been in the same class for two years now.

9.  Even though a fence in our backyard would be nice for Leo, we would never dream of doing it because of our neighbors.  We like the freedom our kids have to run back and forth between each other’s yards.

10.  And finally, here are a few frames from our short little walk together…




michelle - Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. And how special for them to get family images in that spot behind their home, too. Such a meaningful place for all of you.

Heather M. - These turned out so great, Stacey! I just love that space behind your house and yay for great neighbours!!!

Jean - Yay for great neighbors!

I fall in love with your photos more and more! So wonderful! xo

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