a pink power ranger and the skylander chop-chop



Another year, another Halloween.  It feels like just yesterday that I was chasing Evie around as a toddler in a little chicken costume.  Now she’s a Power Ranger.  Out to save the world.  I do believe our neighborhood was pretty safe this year.  With a Skylander named “Chop-Chop” at her side.  And then another pink Power Ranger and Ironman from across the street.  Don’t mess with us.

I love seeing them have fun on this night.  I could do without the constant asking for candy for the next month, but I love walking with them door to door as they laugh and smile with their friends.  I love that Darin always comes with me instead of staying home and handing out candy.  I love that he joins me.  I’m sure our years of trick-or-treating with them are short.  So just like all of the tootsie-rolls from my daughter’s candy bucket, I’m eating every minute of this up.


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michelle - You put the Leo photobomb in just for me, didn’t you? ;)
The years go by so fast. It’s awesome that you & D go together. We did that, too. This year was the first year I stayed home at our house and handed out candy. It was bitter sweet because all the years of taking my kids trick or treating I really missed passing out candy. And then here I was this year, sitting home with Ken while Natalie was gone at dance and Aaron was with friends, taking their younger cousin trick or treating. It goes fast.
I love your little super heroes although I’m dying to see E dressed as a Chicken! :)

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