miss haddie is one



Last week I was finally able to take some photos of my niece who is now ONE.  I can’t believe that she is already one!  We took her out behind our house and let her do her one-year-old thing.  She toddled around and tried to eat leaves and chased after mom.  Most one-year-olds might have last about five minutes.  She lasted much much longer, giving us sweet crinkly faced smiles over and over again.  I know I’m totally biased being her aunt and all, but she is one sweet little lady and I love her so.


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Heather - Oh Stacey – these photos are so sweet! She’s such a doll! Can’t believe she’s one already.

Tracey - She is so adorable. :) And am envious that you have a baby in the family. I need a baby photo fix!!

michelle - You are so lucky to have that beautiful green space behind your house! And these are just the sweetest pics. I shot my one year old nephew (and his 4 year old brother today) INSIDE my house. It was total chaos. ;)

Love you.

skeller - ohmygoodness – her enthusiasm is soooo contagious – I found myself grinning thru this whole series of images. Is there anything more adorable than a new(ish) walker?!?

Jean - You have such a wonderful place within walks to photograph! These are so precious! It has been such a pleasure being able to watch her grow through your amazing photos! And I also love her jacket!!! You are such an incredible sister & auntie!!

andrea - Oh. My. Goodness!
Her shoes! The leggings! The dress! SO cute!
Love her little smile.
What a cutie!
Love these black and whites!

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