a lesson in perspective and a trip to the orchard



After lamenting last week about the crappy weather and not making it to the apple orchard this year, we were blessed with a lovely weekend with sun and 50 degree temperatures.  So we did make it to the orchard after all. I apologize for last week’s whining.  Speaking of whining….

While at the orchard I was reminded of a lesson I have been learning a lot about lately.  Changing my perspective.  Instead of looking down and focusing on the rotten, turning my gaze upward and seeing the life.



In other words….seeing that the glass is half full instead of half empty, looking for the positive in situations rather than focusing on the negative, speaking life and believing change will happen, being grateful even in the midst of the hard times…  I know this is often easier said than done, but I’m learning that it’s an exercise.  It takes time and practice and the wisdom of others.  It takes patience and prayer and repeating things over and over to myself in my head.  It’s an exercise.  And I’m sore from all of it, but I’m seeing the fruits of my labor.  I’m seeing the apples that are still on the tree instead of the ones rotting on the ground.

Here are a few more photos from our time at the orchard yesterday.  I even handed the camera over to Evie, Eli, and Darin so I could be in a few photos, too.  The sun, them, us….it all makes me so happy.


Jenni - I love your orchard pics! And, is Eli wearing JEANS?!?! :)

michelle - I’m so glad you got to go there because otherwise you wouldn’t have these SPECTACULAR shots of your family!! And everyone who took a turn with the camera did such a great job. And that perspective lesson is life changing stuff. Hard but so worthwhile. Love the whole post.

skeller - yay yay YAY and kudos to you for handing your camera over!!! beautiful day, beautiful pictures!

Jessica - I love this. The photos are so simple and pretty. Isn’t it fun to give the kids the camera and see yourself once in a while? And where did you find your boots? I’ve been thinking about finding some, but I don’t know where to look?

Naomi - These are super cute. Glad you made it to the orchard!!

Heather - Oh I adore those photos! So beautiful! Love, love seeing you in them!

And those words ring so true with me. Thanks for sharing your heart and thoughts. I needed to read that. :)

Carla - Yay for making it to the orchard! Amen to changing perspective. Been thinking about that a lot lately.
Love that you got in some pics. I see E-man was even able to work in some sun flare. They did a good job.
Have you seen the weather forcast? When I looked this morning it said 50 on Friday again. :)

Laura - Gorgeous photos all around — the whole family is talented! :)

Jean - These are beautiful! I am so glad you got out to the orchard. A beautiful day used! And your boots are a-dorable!

Andrea - Good for you on the perspective changing. It’s hard hard work!! I fail at it everyday but still try. I am betting these are Christmas card photos in the making! ;-)

Tracey - I love these so very very much. I think it’s the sun and the joy and that your sweater matches all of the fruit. :) Is this going to be your Christmas photo???

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