A few things…



1.  See that bright shining thing in that photo above?  I want it to come back.

2.  I am sitting on my couch right now watching the Friends episode where Joey is on the $100,000 Pyramid.  Classic.

3.  It’s been a busy few weeks with just a lot of stuff.  Some not so great stuff, some exciting stuff, some crazy stuff, some stressful stuff.  Just stuff.  Hence the lack of blogging because of all of the stuff.

4.  I saw snow flakes on my way home from work tonight.  It’s just wrong.

5. Let’s see how many references to the weather I can have in this list of a few things.

6.  Oh….that Friends episode?  Also the one where they go back in time to college days.  Classic.

7.  Tomorrow we will finally be getting a microwave after being without one for over two weeks after our previous one died.  I haven’t really missed it all that much except that I’ve had to learn to drink my coffee really fast in the morning, and that’s quite challenging.

8.  My husband rocks.

9.  No, my husband didn’t write #8.  He just really rocks.

10.  Because of the super crappy weather (no, I’m not bitter) we never made it to the apple orchard this year.  Which makes me a little sad.  And suddenly makes me want a honey crisp.

11.  The one plant I had in my house has officially died.  I need some very easy plant suggestions.

12.  Evie got a little solo in the Christmas Musical for church again this year.  I’m so proud of her.

13.  It’s a good thing I have a nice warm dog that frequently climbs up on my lap to keep me warm on unseasonably cold days.

14.  I am learning how wonderful and valuable it is to surround myself with women who are wise and encouraging and help me to strengthen my faith.  God has placed a lot of them in my life the past few years and for this I am grateful.

15.  Forget the honey crisp.  Now I just want some chocolate.

16.  Five.  The number of references made to the cold weather weather we’ve been having that I’ve made in this list.

17.  Eli told me tonight he loves me to Jesus and back.  Precious.

18.  Can I tell you how happy it makes me that every one of my photography clients so far this year has ordered a book?  I love telling stories with my photos, so I love seeing those photos in a book from start to finish.  It makes me giddy.

19.  It’s cold out.

20.  Make that six.


Ana - Perfect list! My mom always had a green thumb, which tragically skipped a generation, as I can’t keep a houseplant alive to save my life. Talk of flurries nearly put me into a tailspin… I LOVE that episode of friends… and like you, we didn’t make the orchard this year, which kind of broke my heart.
Thanks for making me feel like someone’s on the same page as me!
Have a great day Stacey!

gina - i love this and agree with it all!!!!!! xoxo

Jean - Brady and I finally tossed our Golden Potho, we had it for about two to three years and could go on without watering it for three days. That thing grew up to six feet (we bought it in a pot). I just felt, we are just busy people and it is kind of hard for us to maintain any living thing right now.

Well, this weekend I heard is going to be nice, you’ll get to see that sunshine, so you may have another chance to hit the orchard.. or is it too late?

Yes, yes. I also found that I no longer am surrounded by negative and competitive people; which is a great feeling because really… who needs that?

Also, love, love Evie’s outfit!!

Andrea - #14 – you’re blessed to have those people in your life.
Hope it warms up over there.

carla - Love the list. We made it to the orchard, but don’t think the pumpkin patch will happen this year. I had to get a warm coat out. I was sad. I was watching that exact same episode of Friends at the exact same time. :) “your pee.” “Things that burn!”

Yay for Evie. Too cute for Eli. I miss the sun/warmth. I find it hard to kill a philadendron although I might be currently working on it. :)

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