a fall day at the dog park


The last time we were at the dog park it was Mother’s Day.  It had only been days since the last snowfall and bright new buds were on the trees.  I can’t believe we didn’t make it there all summer.  So yesterday I picked up the kids from school and we took Leo there once again.  The weather this week has been so beautiful and we have been spending every moment outside while we still can.  And it was gorgeous at the dog park.  This time the fall wind could be heard in the trees and the colorful leaves provided a pretty trail for us on the ground.  The kids and Leo ran and played and found secret passage ways into the magical forest.  The light was so lovely, as it always is on these autumn days.  I’ve been in somewhat of a photography slump and not wanting to pick up my camera, but I’m so happy I took it along with us yesterday.


Heather M. - Was just browsing through your blog looking for inspiration and realized I never commented on this post. Evie looks so different with her hair up! And I love her purple outfit – too cute!

And those tube photos are the best. So fun!

Jessica - So Jealous of that dog park! It is RAD!!! I feel so sorry for Addie that she hardly ever gets to run free. What a fun and beautiful day you guys had there.

michelle - It looks like you had the place to yourselves. That’s dreamy. And I love that Leo just laid down. I don’t think Lanie could wind down enough at the dog park to do that. Beautiful fall colors, too. :)

tracey - I love love love the tube photos. And I love Leo’s ears in the third photo. These are so wonderful! What a beautiful day it was.

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