start the week out right



It’s Monday.  And I always have good intentions on Monday.  I’m going to get so much done this week!  I’m going to put my phone down!  I’m going to bake something delicious and healthy!  I’m going to meal plan!  I’m going to read and organize and clean the bathrooms and exercise!  But if you know me, you know that I am a procrastinator, that I am disorganized, and that meal planning is a completely foreign concept in Stacey-ville.

But today I’m going to try to learn a lesson from my daughter.  With a little encouragement this morning she got her reading minutes in before school.  She sat in our (still a work in progress) reading room and read her chapters and the light was so beautiful I couldn’t help but snap a few photos as she did so.  They also serve as a reminder to me to just get things done, already.  Start the week out right.  If my daughter can do it, so can I.

Off I go.  Happy Monday, friends.


gina bieringer - i should have read this sooner!!!!!! I can put anything off!!! xoxo

Amanda - Way to go, E!!

tracey - I would like to ditto everything that M said!
And I love that we both did a reading post today. :)

Heather M. - oh yay! good for her. what a great thing to check off your list first thing monday morning. i’m always full of good intentions too but lack on the follow through. thanks for the kick in the pants. and i love that quilt (in case i haven’t mentioned it before). ;)

michelle - 1. I say all those same things to myself on Monday but (in case you didn’t notice) it’s 8:09am Monday morning and I’m commenting on your blog. ;)

2. Reading. Room. *SWOON*

3. THAT quilt. I’m going to have to make one at some point in my lifetime.

4. Good job, E!!!

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