treasure hunting


The setting: a beautiful fall evening at a gorgeous park.

The characters: mom and dad, twin brother (an avid reader) and sister (a creative free spirit), and sweet baby girl.  Guest appearance by cute doggy.

The story: geocaching aka “treasure hunting”, hiking, playing, crawling, exploring, jumping, eating ice cream, and tire swinging.

(Music by Ben Rector.)



When the mom of this clan suggested geocaching for our recent photo session for her family I was like, yes.  She gets me.  She gets what I do.  I spent two hours with them and documented the story of our time together, start to finish.  So fun.  So grateful to have families that allow me to capture their story.


Jessica - This is all just so gorgeous. I love seeing the fall colors, too.

tracey - I love that idea of going geochaching! And the photos are perfect. I love your eye.

amanda - what an awesome and fun idea!! and so cool that they totally get “you” – this is reflected in these beautiful images. What a treasure for this sweet fam. Well done!

Heather M. - It looks SO beautiful there! Awesome photos. Such a great idea for a shoot.

michelle - What a fabulous idea for an “activity” to record. I love when family sessions center around an experience because everyone forgets the camera and starts acting like themselves. Smart Mama. :)

andrea - Perfectly beautiful. Wish you could take our photos.

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