him on his bike (with his jacket on)



This beautiful fall morning Eli and I took Leo for a walk and then I snapped a few frames of him with his red bike.  I’ve been meaning to get a few photos of little E on his big boy bike he got earlier this summer.  A tire popped on his little green one that he learned how to ride without training wheels last year, so we were forced to either pay an arm and a leg for a new tire, or just buy him a bigger bike.  Darin took him one weekend I worked and he picked out this one.  When I first saw it I thought it looked huge for him.  There was no way he could climb up on that thing and actually ride it, right?  Wrong.  This boy can ride.  So much so that sometimes it’s scary for this mama to watch.

You know what else is scary to watch?  This same sweet little boy having tantrum after tantrum.  Oh my.  Yes, this same cute boy pictured above can get down right mad and can be incredibly stubborn.  He has been testing my patience big time ever since school started.  I didn’t think it was in him.  I mean, God gave me Evie to teach me patience.  Eli was supposed to be my *always obedient always sweet never make me scream* kid.  Well, apparently God likes to switch things up a bit.  While Evie has matured like crazy the past few months, Eli is throwing me for a complete loop.

Let’s take this morning….  We’re getting ready to walk to the bus stop and I tell the kids to grab a sweatshirt because it’s a little chilly outside.  Sure, it’s supposed to reach 75 degrees later today, but it’s fall in Minnesota.  It’s morning jacket weather.  Evie slips on her sweatshirt without hesitation, but Eli puts up a fuss because he insists that it’s warm enough not to wear one.  So instead of making him wear it, which would have surely induced a tantrum, I told him fine.  You can walk to the bus stop without one.  Maybe I would save myself a tantrum.

Apparently it was a lose/lose situation for me.  Because half way into our walk he starts crying and whining about how cold it is and then he completely loses it.  And did I pull the, “I told you so! I told you to wear a jacket because it was going to be cold!  Maybe next time you’ll listen to Mom because she is always right.”?  You bet I did (very nicely, I should add).  He cried the entire way home and then cried some more after I told him we were going to take Leo for a walk, but this time he wised up and put on his jacket.  Score one for mama after all.

So the photos remind me of him mastering a big boy bike, and also a mommy win.   That maybe I actually taught him a little lesson rather than battling with him. That the tantrums may come, but the smiles will always return.  That (please God, please) this is just a stage.  And that he is my awesome E and not even the biggest tantrum in world could change how much I love him.



Heather M. - As much as those temper tantrums SUCK, sometimes it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I’m not sure if I should admit this but the other day I took a video of S melting down because I wanted to show him after exactly what it looks and sounds like. Of course that made it worse but when he watched it later he was speechless. Not sure it made any difference but now I have record of it for when he’s older if nothing else. At. my. wit’s. end. seriously. praying for you!

tracey - First of all, I love these photos. E is super cute in them. Such a fun smile!
Second of all, I think it’s in the boy gene to dismiss whatever article of clothing is appropriate for the current weather. Every winter Z would throw tantrums over having to begin wearing long pants. He wanted his shorts and t-shirt. Then every spring he’d throw a tantrum over having to start wearing shorts. He wanted his long pants and long sleeves. I could never win. He was/is such a creature of habit. Ugh.

michelle - hahaha! Boys NOT boats. Although I never could get my boat to wear a jacket, either. ;)

michelle - Seriously, what is with boats and the refusal to wear jackets?

And shorts in the winter? Please, don’t get me started.

Boys and wardrobe is one area that I have to repeat “Pick Your Battles” to myself. I love that you used “natural consequences” on him. It took me a long time to get there but I find letting them freeze is generally a better route than fighting over clothes.

All that said, I’m looking at these sweet pictures of him and I’m struggling to see how it’s possible for this angelic boy to ever melt down or disagree with his wise Mama. ;)

gina - as per usual…love it!!!! xoxo

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