i spy with my little eye…



The kids playing the iPad and having a snack on the floor after school.

The movement of the long grass being blown by the warm fall wind through an open window.

Evie’s antibiotic on the counter for strep, which we found out was indeed positive almost two full days after the initial negative culture.

Evie’s crafting supplies, tape and paper and makers and glitter glue, which she used all day after being forced to stay home from school after said positive strep culture.

Leo patiently waiting for an almond from one of the kids.

A few ripe bananas waiting to be made into banana chocolate chip muffins.

Eli’s totally fake smile school photos, oh my.

Water in one of my grandma’s smurf glasses.

Evie’s little pink backpack filled with special treasures she’s collected throughout the day.

Vitamins that I keep forgetting to take.

My phone with a text from my sister.



A thank you card from a dear friend.

Tiny little cantaloupes from the road side farm stand.

The gorgeous afternoon light in their hair.

Multiple stuffed animals on the floor which Leo has stolen from the kids’ rooms.

A birthday gift waiting to be wrapped.

The leaves changing, pretty shades of green and yellow and red being framed by our walls.

A cooking magazine which I ordered before going gluten free and is full of gluten filled recipes.

Library books, my Bible, my journal, Eli’s little paper readers….”I like school. I like math. I like writing. I like art.”

A few of Eli’s cars hiding under the couch.

Leo helping himself to a few of the almonds in a bowl Eli left on the floor.

A calendar telling us it’s almost October and that it’s Friday (and it’s not my weekend to work).

Happy Friday, friends.



Heather M. - I love when you do posts like this. Makes me want to do my own every time. Makes me miss you too. But also makes me grateful for this peek into your life.

Jessica - Love this.

tracey - I love E’s dress. :) And yay for not having to work!

michelle - These photos totally make me miss summer. It’s cold and rainy here today and while I do love fall and the cozy nature of the rain I still miss the freedom and warmth of summer.

Happy weekend, Stacey. :)

Andrea - Yay for a weekend of no work!
Enjoy! Have a super weekend.

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