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I am by no means a writer, and I’ve been having trouble coming up with the “right” words for this post.  So I’m just going to start typing.  Please bear with me…

I met Georgia online about 4 years ago.  I’ll always remember the wordy comment she left on one of my blog posts and immediately feeling like I connected with her.  At the time she was newly pregnant with her first baby, one that her and her husband had waited a very long time for.  She was getting older and had pretty much accepted the fact that she may never have children and then Isaac came along.  A beautiful baby boy.  I was blessed to meet with her and Isaac twice the past few years while in Chicago.

Then this past spring Georgia emailed me with exciting news.  She was pregnant again.  She was thrilled.  Because of her age and difficulty having Isaac, she was surprised and delighted and I, of-course, was so happy for her. Georgia is an an amazing mama.  I was praising God that He was giving her the second child that she so desired.

And this is where it all gets hard.  Really hard.  I don’t know how else to put it.  Where things go wrong and where an ultrasound shows that Georgia’s baby has a severe birth defect and where an amniocentesis confirms that her baby girl has Trisomy 18.  As a labor and delivery nurse I know what Trisomy 18 means.  I knew when I cried with Georgia on the phone what it meant for her baby girl.  I won’t go into all of the details, but at some point during her pregnancy or shortly after birth, Georgia will lose her baby girl.

And this is where I freeze.  Where I don’t know what to write because the tears just keep flowing.  Where I ache for my friend and long to rescue her from the daily grief she is going through.  She is carrying this baby as long as God allows.  She is constantly feeling her baby move inside her, knowing that this is her chance to hold her.  She is hurting, really hurting, yet she has this amazing trust and peace in God that blows me away.  Sure, she has gone through the grief cycle multiple times and will continue to do so.  But it all circles back to the fact that she knows He cares for her and this baby.  Lord bless them.

I met her for coffee last week while I was in Chicago.  We sat and cried together, we prayed together.  And we talked about how God sometimes decides to deliver us through something rather than deliver us from it.  I can’t explain why.  And that’s really worthless.  But I know I love a God that is loving.  I know that He restores.  I know that He holds us and has purpose for us.  I know He places people in our path at certain points in our life to help us through stuff.  (And this post couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s a good one to read if you are suffering or know someone that is.)  Georgia has a faith that is strong, but she and her family need our prayers right now.  It’s hard, so very hard.

She asked me if I could take some photos of her while in Chicago.  She has chosen to embrace this pregnancy, even in the midst of the pain.  She gave me permission to share her story and these photos because she told me that if there was another woman in her situation she thought it might be an encouragement to her.  Lord use it.  And now my keyboard is all wet and I just can’t type anymore….



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renee - beautiful!

Kristen Clark - I have lost a child my self. I was in her shoes. I did the same. I carried my son until he was born. He lived just shy of two hours. He had polycystic kidney disease. Nurses said it was a miracle that he lived that long.
The why, God is preparing us for grater things. He allows us to go through good and bad. We are on his potters wheel. He is molding us for his work, for a grater purpose. I know it hurts, it stinks. Paul the Apostle, went through a lot , until his end. Read Romans. He said he counted it all joy. I hung on to that. It gave me strength to get through whatever the world throws at me. One day after the hurt is subsides, she will be able to minister to others going through the same thing.
Just being there for her will help. My church family was a big help and support.
I will lift her up in prayer.

theresa - The photo where mom is standing in the city holding the bag…. that meant so much to me. Seeing her stand next to the symbol for “turn only” just stood out to me. Her pregnancy symbolizing “one way only” just the same. I wish the best for her; I know her pain.

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gina - this is all so beautiful! the photos are beautiful, your interpretation is beautiful and georgia is so beautiful and so strong. the perspective that i really need to read tonight and always. xoxo

Hadrien - OMG, i almost cryed read this amazing story, i had learn about Trisomy 18 in biology, but i never heard about a real person with it, now i see it, so sad

tracey - Amazingly beautiful. G is such an example to me of God’s amazing love in the middle of our deepest pain. The love poured out for this little girl at a great cost to her and her family is what moves me to tears. What a beautiful gift you have given to G.

Jean - I am balling, too! I was just thinking about how I miss reading her blog! All my love goes to her and her family.

Stacey, you are exceptionally amazing!! You really are a true gift in so many ways!!

Nikki - Rom: 5:3-5. Bless you all!

georgia - stacey, i wasn’t sure i could comment here today. but i really wanted to after just having heard a song and excerpt from a john piper message that i was led to via the comments in the blog post by jen hatmaker that you linked to in your post about me and our little girl.

this is the song/message…

but first, allow me just to say thank you for this gift that will mean more to me in days to come than it does right now… if that is even possible.

i share the song, because i wept through it as i listened… as it is exactly where i want to be. read each comment {as i did} on jen hatmaker’s post, and you will see that everyone’s theology on suffering and pain and sickness and grief is all over the place. and so many made so many great points at both ends of the spectrum. it makes me want to dive in and dig into his word and those who have poured over it in theological and exegetical studies and come to an understanding of exactly where and who God is in our suffering and what it means about us and our relationship to him. but no matter what the cause of all the heartache in this world, i want it to bring to the place that john piper is talking about at the end of this song. and i want the song to minister to others as it did me just now, so i thought i would share. look how your kind act of using your gift to help me embrace my pregnancy and my little girl and your willingness to share it led me along a short path today to one of the best things i’ve heard throughout this long struggle… in that song and that short message from john piper. it’s bookmarked and a part of my journal of this journey. bless you and your heart. i’m blessed to have your friendship.

Naomi - These are so beautiful my friend. The black and whites are amazing. That being said, the meaning behind them is even more glorious. I know Georgia will treasure these always. And Georgia, if you read this…my heart hurts for you but please know i think of you often and am praying for you. You are so much stronger than i could ever be. May you feel His love wrapped around you, always…

skeller - Stacey, these images are beautiful & precious beyond words. Clearly, this baby girl is already deeply loved. As hard as saying goodbye is, I think it’s even harder anticipating a goodbye-to-come. Praying for this dear family – may God meet them mightily in their grieving…

Andrea - Amazingly beautiful photos.

sara - “sometimes God delivers us through something rather than from it.”
i get it. it’s hard and messy and hurts so much more than anyone could ever imagine. and i want to scream to the heavens “WHY?!”
i’m a mess of tears for georgia and her family.
praying that He who delivers through will be everything to them.

beautiful pictures. they are filled with so much love. and show the treasure that is this little girl. amazing job my friend.

m - Oh Stacey. What a gift you are. And Georgia. I had no idea. I’m speechless but overflowing with love and prayers for you and your family.

These pictures are absolutely stunning… but one in particular stands out to me. The photo of her shirt blowing in the wind.

“So don’t be so surprised when I tell you that you have to be ‘born from above’ out of this world, so to speak. You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that. You hear it rustling through the trees, but you have no idea where it comes from or where it’s headed next. That’s the way it is with everyone ‘born from above’ by the wind of God, the Spirit of God.” (Jn 3:8 – MSG)

I will be praying for Georgia.

Stacey, you are such a blessing. I can’t say more than that right now but God uses you in so many ways with so many people. I’m very blessed to call you a friend and I’m sure Georgia feels the same.

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