that time i was in a magazine {and a giveaway}



So yeah, I was in a magazine.  Along with my blog friends Tracey, Michelle, Heather, and Andrea.  Here’s how it happened…

This past spring a blog friend of mine emailed me and said that the editor of Click Magazine had been in touch with her about doing an article about online photography friendships.  She said she immediately thought of me and remembered seeing photos on my blog from my winter trips to California to meet up with my far-away photography/blog friends.  She asked if it would be okay if she told the editor our story and I agreed, not really thinking anything would come of it.

To my surprise a few weeks later I heard from the editor and she asked if she could use our meet-up as part of an online photography friendship article in the magazine.  I emailed the other girls and asked if it would be alright and they all agreed.  Of-course!  And then we each shared a little about the trip and our friendships with the writers, along with a lot of photographs.

A few months later we received a copy of the article via email to proof, and then two copies of the real thing in the mail.  A few of the many photographs we shared with the editor were chosen for the article, along with little snippets of what each of had shared about the trip and our friendships.  I do have to say it was fun to see it in print.

So today I’m sharing a few photos of the magazine along with some images that didn’t make the cut.  :)  And I’m also giving away the extra copy that was sent. The summer got away from us a bit so it is not the most recent issue of the magazine, but I think you will enjoy it just the same!   Click Magazine is a lovely collection of beautiful and inspiring photographs and stories for the “modern photograp(her)”, but even if you don’t call yourself a photographer I know you will enjoy looking through the pages and reading the thoughtful features.  Just leave a comment to have a chance to win and I’ll randomly pick a winner sometime next week.  Then pop over to Tracey’s blog and Michelle’s blog for a chance to increase your odds!  They are giving away their extra copies, too!

So grateful for these girls and for our shared love of photography.


Heather M. - xoxoxoxoxo

Carla - Love this!! The fact that you have formed this friendships is wonderful but it’s oh so cool to have it documented in this way. I loved seeing all the images on all the different blogs when you guys got back. Everybody had their own style — seeing different things in the same location or taking pics of the same subject but capturing it in their own way. All I can say is too cool.

Oh, and Tracey looks so beachy, Californian in that last pic. :)

Sara - How cool is that! Now I know someone famous!! ;) Seriously though I bet that is a neat story…would love to read it!

michelle - You did a beautiful job with the photos and this blog post. I on the other hand was trying to get mine done while getting ready for my 9am bible study. *slacker.*

I love our friendship and I love CA and can’t wait to go back.

Jessica - Wow, I do have to say I feel a tad envious of you girls. I wish I’d been better at getting closer to you all so I could join you in this wonder you have created. Congrats on being published!!! It’s pretty cool and I would be interested in reading the magazine and seeing your article.

skeller - yay!!!! I love your friendship story and I love that Click wanted to tell it!!!

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