one of my favorites



This is one of my favorite photos of the summer.

I share a lot of photos in this space, but I don’t often share my favorite one.  Maybe because I often have a bunch of photos that tell a story, that all contribute to the whole, that I can’t possibly narrow down because excluding one would be like taking away a paragraph in the book.

And then there is just one frame that doesn’t require other chapters.  It is its own story.  And this photo is one of those for me.

You may see a cute little boy on a boat with his dog, bathed in some beautiful light.  But I see so much more.

I see my cute little boy on a boat that he loves to ride on.  I see the scar on his face left from a summer date with some pavement.  I see him deep in thought, observing and thinking, he’s always thinking that one. I see his tan skin and his sun-bleached hair, messy from the movement of the boat along the water, imperfect.  I not only see that beautiful light reflecting off the water, but I see it encircling his hand, I see it outlining every little bit of him, as if it’s almost holding him, the Light. It’s comforting to me.  I see our faithful Leo next to him, looking out ahead of him, being right next to him, like usual.  I see my boy holding binoculars, always ready to investigate and look deeper, much like his mama.  But now holding them down from his face because he’s realized there is more beauty in the bigger picture.

Sure, you may see all of these things, but you will never see them the way I see them.  And that’s what makes it so wonderful.  This is why I love picking up my camera to capture my life’s little picture stories.  It’s so much more than just a photograph.

Amanda - I haven’t had time to read to catch up on blog reading since I can remember when… Always so much fun to read your entries. I couldn’t agree more… A photograph is much more than just a photograph.

tracey - I LOVE the light and glow to this photo. It’s so crystal clear. Such a sweet sweet moment. You must frame it!

michelle - Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I think this should be a lesson for anyone who picks up a camera. Emulating other photographers styles often robs us of capturing the real story that is happening in a moment. You are very gifted at seeing the world and interpreting it uniquely through your camera. I love that you gave us a little peek into what YOU are seeing. :)

And this is one of my favorite photos you’ve posted here this summer, too. :)

andrea - Absolutely gorgeous.
None of us can ever see a photo the same way the photographer does. Never.
Only the photographer knows the whole story.
No one else can even venture to guess a piece of the story in a photo another has taken. Even if we explained all of the emotional and technical details.
Absolute perfection.

Laura - exquisite photo, but your description — even better, because of the so many details only you would see. thank you for sharing :) makes me want to go analyze my summer photos for deeper meanings…

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