what i’m loving right now….



I’m loving that this sweet baby girl is about to be ONE.  It feels like just yesterday that I was in the delivery room with my sister as she was born.  I get all teary eyed just thinking about it.

I’m loving that I survived our own little milestone at our house this week.  Do I have to remind you?  If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t caught my last twenty sappy posts….it was sending Eli off to kindergarten.  It was a good week.

I’m also loving that it’s the weekend.  And it’s my weekend OFF.



I’m loving earlier bedtimes.  I’m loving my extra couch time in the evenings.  Can I get an Amen and a Hallelujah?

I’m loving that summer is sticking around and that it’s still warm and a little humid and I can still wear flip-flops.

I’m also loving the return of pumpkin flavored drinks at my favorite coffee establishments.

I’m loving that I get a Chicago date with my boyfriend next week.  I’m loving that I have an awesome mom and in-laws that will be here taking care of our kids.



I’m loving the last few episodes of SYTYCD.  I’m loving this routine, my favorite of the season.

I’m loving, LOVING the new John Mayer album.  So you all know I’m a huge JM fan, but this is my favorite album of his.  He’s changed, y’all.  It’s so good.  I especially love this song.

I’m loving this story, in her own words, and the video that went viral.  Watch it.

I’m loving that Whose Line is it Anyway is back on TV and I’m loving watching it with D during our couch time and laughing together.  We used to watch that show in our pre-kid days.

I’m loving this post by my friend Tracey.  So good.



I’m loving, after a summer of some health issues and surgery and just not feeling so great, I’m working on eating better and slowly starting to exercise again. I’m loving morning walks with Eli and Leo after dropping Evie off at the bus.

I’m loving fresh veggies from the little farm stand down the road.

I’m loving afternoon kindergarten with Eli instead of morning kindergarten like we had with Evie.

I’m loving the imminent return of Wednesday night Darin/Eli date nights while Evie is at church.

I’m loving that I have two full days ahead of me with my E’s and my D.

Happy Friday to us and Happy Friday to you.


tracey - I wish I had earlier bed times! Long past are the days when my kids went to bed at 7:30 or 8pm!!!!
And you get to go to Chicago again! Waiting for the Bean photo. My Bean needs one of your Bean photos!!!!!
And how is the food change going? Gluten free?

michelle - That choreography by Travis Wahl was watching a genius work. He will be one of those choregraphers that ends up being a household name years from now. He and Amy danced a beautiful routine. And it didn’t hurt that they danced to one of my favorite songs of all time.

And Tracey’s post. Life changing words. Beautifully and humbly written. When she writes her book I’m going to buy them all up and distribute them to everyone I know.

I’m also loving You. I’m so glad you are in a good, happy place in your life. And enjoying the changes that come with late summer/early fall. :)

Sissy - Such a sweet little present- thanks for capturing her joy! 143.

carla - Loving SYTYCD too. Going to be sad when it’s over. H looks so cute in these pics but I love your sister’s face. Such joy. She exudes love for her baby. So cute. I read that post by Tracey and just didn’t even know what to say. She really makes you think, that one. What an amazing writer.
Glad that you made it through the week. Can’t wait to see pics of the annual Chicago date. You always capture such great images.

Heather M. - love this list. :) she’s a cutie pie!

and we used to watch who’s line is it anyway pre-kids too!

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