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Today was their first day of third grade and kindergarten.  A big day for this mama.  You’ve heard it said….bittersweet.  I was sad for our summer to end and it’s oh so hard to let go, but I was happy to see them so excited and proud to see them soar.

They were both up early.  Evie changed into her clothes that we had decided upon the night before, and while she got dressed Eli did something he rarely does.  He climbed into bed with me to snuggle.  As I look back on the last few days I notice little gifts from God that helped me through, like my day off yesterday, and this was another one.  How special to have that one on one time with my little E before tackling our exciting day.

Breakfast and a little pep talk on being kind and respectful and all of that and then we were out the door to take a few photos before walking Evie down to the bus stop.  It wasn’t long before she saw her neighbor friend across the road and wanted to go get her, but before we did I stopped her and we said our before school prayer in the driveway.  I held her hands and put my forehead against hers as she closed her eyes and I prayed over her day.  I felt the anxiety ease a bit and a wave of peace come over me as I opened my eyes to the light in her hair and her arms around me.  She gave me extra hugs today.  I didn’t have to tell her that I needed them.

It was a gorgeous morning and a lovely walk to the bus where we met up with all of the neighbors and all of her friends.  I could tell she was a little nervous by how she was twirling her hair.  She gave me several more hugs before the bus came, and then off she went to third grade.  I teared up underneath my sunglasses as Eli and I walked back to the house and I started the countdown to his turn.

He was so excited, asking about every 30 minutes when he was going to school, afternoon kindergarten.  As I tied his shoes he told me he was nervous to ride the bus and I reassured him that he would have friends with him, that he would do awesome, that he was going to have a great day.  I held his little hands and prayed with him.  We took his photos on the front step and then Darin arrived home for my emotional support to be present to send Eli off.   Super fantastic dad.

We walked to the bus stop and waited.  He was quiet and stuck close to us, but when the bus came he confidently walked with his friends with hardly a look back.  He did awesome.  I put Evie on the bus crying when she left for kindergarten and I was so grateful that he was happy and smiling when he got on that bus.  We waved as they drove off and I bit my lip the whole walk home to keep the tears from flowing.

I managed to keep it together until we got back to the house.  I broke down for a few minutes and was thankful that Darin was there.  We grabbed lunch, I treated myself to a high calorie caffeinated beverage (I deserved it) and I called my mom and broke down a second time.  I baked some cookies and before I knew it it was time to go pick them up.

They both came off the bus smiling, Evie sprinting towards me and engulfing me in a huge hug.  They both had great days.  So proud of them.

I went a little crazy with the photos this year.  You only send your baby off to kindergarten once.


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Heather M. - We survived the week, friend! So glad it’s the weekend. This sending our kids (babies!) off to Kindergarten is so dang hard. So glad D came home for support. :)

tracey - Just seeing Eli walking to the bus…the one he’s been waiting for his turn to go on…just made me smile!!! His hair is so light from the summer. And Evie looks like she cut hers?
Glad you made it through the day. I love that you got some extra hugs and snuggles.

skeller - super fun pics. so glad Eli was happy to go AND happy to come home. y’know what I really love? the bright, shiny new shoelaces – so fitting for a first day :-).

Naomi - So glad they had a great day and you survived! Great pics as usual!

michelle - I’m so glad Darin came home for Eli’s departure. Ken did that for me when Aaron went to first grade. First grade was super traumatic for me with Aaron because now my baby was in all day school. I remember we went from the school to the local Starbucks and sat in silence for over an hour while occasional tears would trickle out. Had I been home alone I would’ve been a complete mess. Sounds like your day went really well and you had lots of support, caffeine and calories. All good on a day like that. :)

gina - you survived!!!!!! and your photo documentation is wonderful!!!!! hugs.

Andrea - Sounds like you all did great! Glad they were excited for school.
Perfect photos!!

Carla - I adore all the photos! I love all of the poses that Evie decided to do. The second photo (the one on the left) of Evie, looks just like you.
Glad to hear that you made it through the day. Crying is ok. Might have done a little of that myself. Better us than them though, right? Glad that they had good days and look at all these awesome photos that they will have to remember this day by. :)

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