the night before kindergarten and third grade


And here it is.  The night before another year of school.  Except this year I’m not only sending my oldest off to third grade, but my youngest off to kindergarten.  I am a mess.  And God knows this because he graciously gave me the day off work so I could spend the day with my E’s and my D.  He knew it would be good for my emotional well-being.  Even though I have still had to wipe the tears from my face numerous times today.

The most recent being a few hours ago as I tucked them both into bed and prayed for their days tomorrow.  Both of them admitting that they are a little nervous.  But both of them saying how excited they are, too.  I choked back the tears as I finished their prayers and then I snuggled them for an extra long time.

Dang, this is hard.  I know we will all be just fine, including myself.  But it is just plain hard.  I love them so much.

Tonight I continued the tradition I started with Evie a few years ago and took some photos the night before school.  We walked out to the same spot, right out our backyard, where we’ve taken the snapshots the two years before, this time Eli joining us.  Evie choose to wear one of her favorite dresses, and Eli his Star Wars shirt.  She twirled and he giggled and I captured them on the eve before they venture off into kindergarten and third grade.

My mama heart strings are being pulled like crazy.

the night before third and sixth grade » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] I quick dragged the kids outside to take our traditional “night before” photos in the backyard.  It was hot and humid and the mosquitoes were eating us alive (they are AWFUL this year!), so we were out there all of about 2 minutes, but I managed to snap a few of my E’s on the night before their first days.  They are going to do great.  They are really great kids.  And I’ll have a good cry and get through the first day without them and we’ll get back into our routine of yet another school year.  It’s just going by way too fast.  (As evidenced by when my sweet Evie was in third grade and I was sending my baby boy to kindergarten.) […]

the night before first and fourth grade » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] my kids out into the beautiful Labor Day light to take the yearly “night before” photos before kindergarten and third grade.  Now it’s the eve of first and fourth grade.  Our summer is over.  It went too […]

Heather M. - adore these photos. we did back to school photos too. :) just not as organized as you at getting them posted. and i love her dress.

skeller - so. much. beautiful.

andrea - Odd, I had a comment on here and it looks like it got deleted. Odd.
Anyway, LOVE her dress! LOVE it!
They both look so happy and ready for school.
I had said in my first comment that I hoped the day went well for them and you.
Looks like it did based on your last post.

tracey - LOVE the light and E’s dress and their summer skin and smiles. And Eli has grown so much it even makes me teary eyed!!!
Can’t wait to see how the day went for everyone. :)

Michelle - I can’t believe how fast time flies. It seems like you just posted these shots from last school year yesterday and here we are again.. Only this time there’s two kiddos. I love that you do this the night before. It’s a beautiful tradition. Also your backyard is ridiculously beautiful. Prayers for you today.

gina - Beautiful and sweet post. Hugs.

liza - Stacey, Stop the Clock! They are getting so big. It just hit me with this shoot how grown up Eli looks. Good luck tomorrow ; )

Laura - OH, the light!! And the cuteness! They are adorable together. :)

Carla - Love, love, love! That dress is adorable. I love the big grins on Eli’s face. I know that I’m just seeing them through photos, but they seem to both have grown so much this summer. Time goes so fast.
I know that it’s usually nerve wracking for the children, but I think it’s worse for us. Just let us get through tomorrow and the rest of the days will be easier, right? :)
*hugs and love

Andrea - Beautiful dress she chose to wear. Hard to believe another year is starting but here we are again. I remember wishing for this first grade day since Max was tiny (bad mom, I know) and now here it is. While I am excited I know I’ll be in tears tomorrow too. Good luck to you all. Hope they have a super day! Hang in there tomorrow. You’ll be fine.

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