I love summer.


I love their little tan lines, their brown skin.

I love seeing Leo frolic in the lake, shaking off and getting me all wet.

I love the layer of sand on their skin, the sand on their flip-flops, the grains on their chin, the beach trying to seep in and succeeding.

I love watching them find treasures, rocks or feathers or little acorns which have fallen from the towering oaks above.

I love their bleached hair, blonde and changed from the sun.

I love seeing her make fairy boats out of leaves and sending them off into the water.

I love the golden light, how it shines differently, reflecting and bending and surrounding everything with it’s warm rays.

I love their dirty feet, the evidence of running in the sand and the grass, the evidence of play.

I love the sound of the tiny waves hitting the beach.

I love watching the wind in their hair as they run, as they pretend, as he speeds up the boat.

I love their looks of concentration as they try to skip rocks or make culinary creations with sand.

I love seeing their hand prints, their foot prints, their marks on the earth.

I love seeing my kids walk down that dock and jump onto the boat.


I love summer and wish it didn’t have to end.

tracey - I just love this place. I wish I could be there whenever you post photos of it. I love that E and E are just so busy busy busy and Leo is just right in the middle of it all.

Naomi - Lovely photos. That is what summer is all about…i feel like we got cheated a little bit because of the weather. Im not ready for the changing of seasons yet!

gina - why did it have to end!?!?!?

Liza - I can feel you soaking every last minute of your fun summer. Enjoy!

Carla - I love it too and it’s all too short. The bleached hair and tan lines . . . ahhh. I even love dirty, sweaty feet after wearing crocs. Maybe as their feet get bigger, I won’t love that so much. I love staying outside late into the evening and sun-kissed cheeks. Just thinking about this is making me dread winter. I hope it’s milder than last year.
Love the pics. You captured the essence of carefree, summer fun.

michelle - I love summer because kids dig in to the outdoors in a way that is rarely seen in the other seasons. They get covered head to toe in the outdoors. It’s so awesome. And we as adults sit outside and breathe it all in, soak it all up. Summer is amazing and I’m already a little sad that it’s winding down.

skeller - you make summer look as wonderful as it is. the close-up of Leo with his wet mane dripping down … delightful.

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