chasing fireflies



It’s Friday.  And today kicks off the last weekend of summer for me.  I work next weekend (four 12 hour shifts in a row, please pray for me) after having a month off.  Oh I know what you are probably thinking.  “Stacey, you just had a month off!  Aren’t you ready to go back to work?  And have some adult interaction?  And deliver miracles?  It’s just so wonderful!”  Yes, I am very blessed with a job where I get to be with families during the most important time of their lives, where I have awesome co-workers, and where I only have to work very part time to get great benefits and help support our family.  I do not take it for granted.  I love my job.  I know it’s probably good for me to get out of the house every once in awhile.  But I would stay at home full time if I could.  Adult interaction?  I can get that with coffee dates with friends.  :)

So I am off to enjoy this beautiful weekend and not think about the work weekend out ahead of me.  Or school starting and the return of rushing in the mornings and homework battles.  I’m going to play in the lake and swim with the kids.  I’m going to see family and hold an almost one-year-old.  I’m going to sit in the sun and watch it set.  And I’m going to chase some fireflies with my daughter.

Happy Friday, friends.


gina - the coffee interaction would be plenty for me too!!!!:)

skeller - these pics of E are magical. girly. free. unself-conscious. real. j’adore.

4 12hr shifts sounds brutal!

Jessica - It’s Sunday now. I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend, friend! Does school start tomorrow? If so, good luck to you all on a smooth transition!

michelle - Enjoy every second of your last weekend of summer. Four 12 hour shifts in a row sounds impossible. I will say a prayer for you to get the rest that you need during those shifts and for those days to go by quickly so you can be back “off” work. Love you!!

jean - “Adult interaction? I can get that with coffee dates with friends.” – I agree. Considering I work with kids all day, I don’t mind it at all. I guess, it’s just the introvert in me.

I think it’s great you are able to balance life like that. Being able to play your role as a mother, wife, and provider. I worry about that in my future w/ B, even though I know we would be okay, but I would like to be a help of some sort other than just being a SAHM, but that is no joke job either. It’s so great to read a lot of different perspectives b/c I know I worry about that a lot and my sisters tell me not to worry. But I do anyway.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family! xo

Heather M. - I consider it a gift to be able to stay home with my kids, even with the huge, huge sacrifice it is for us. I wish it was possible for you too. It must be so hard to go to work. Know that you are an amazing mama. I love your beautiful heart, friend.

And I hope your weekend is magical. :)

Sarah - Andrea, realizing you aren’t meant to be a sham doesn’t make you a bad mother at all! We aren’t all cut from the same mold and thus all of us aren’t cut out to be working moms or sham ones. I’m not meant to be a full time at home mom either, but that doesn’t have any reflection on how much I absolutely adore my boys. It is because I love them so much that I try to find a balance in my life. We are all looking for balance. Stacey is an amazing mother, friend, photographer and nurse. And I’m sure you have a list of amazing qualities too. Don’t judge yourself so harshly. Your son loves you unconditionally, don’t set your own conditions for his love! Take care of yourself, it is a cardinal rule that most moms ignore.

Andrea - I’d give anything for consistent adult interaction in a work setting. I’m the SAHM who never should have been a full time SAHM. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son more than anything but being home every day for the past almost seven years? – little a pieces of me have died on the inside. Pieces of just being Andrea that I will never get back. I’m probably a bad mom is really what it comes down to but I’m one of the small few who need something more than just being a mom. Yep, everything I just said makes me sound pretty awful, I know. Enjoy the rest of your summer. You are such a wonderfully amazing mother!!

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