preschool dropoff line



If you follow me on Instagram you probably remember a few of the above images taken with my iPhone.  I tagged them with #preschooldropoffline and randomly shot them from last October through this May as Eli and I waited each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for his teachers to take him from the car and into school.  We usually arrived a few minutes early and he would unbuckle and have free reign of the back of the van, or sometimes climb up with me in the front seat.  There were even a few days when his sister didn’t have school and joined him in the photo.  Oh, and Leo.  :)

I love this series.  When looking through my library to find all of them I nearly cried (okay, I did cry) when seeing how little he was just 10 months ago.  I know you are probably getting sick of me saying this, but he has changed so much in the past year.  His legs are long and his face is thinning out.  Even his hair seems more shaggy and boyish, if that’s possible.

We met his kindergarten teacher today.  She’s wonderful and he was so excited.  She called him a “number whiz”.  He asked if he got to go back tomorrow.

No buddy.  I have another 12 days with you.  Let’s not rush things, they have already gone by way too fast.

michelle - Seriously, you take car photography to a level that makes me shake my head. It’s ART~ Amazing!

liza - Every picture with him is adorable. They are pure joy to look admire. So fun! Enjoy the last few days of summer.

Janine - I adore these. You make such beautiful pictures and speak from your heart. I’ve been dwelling on the same thoughts lately. How their legs are growing and they’re filling out from babies to big boys. Jx

Carla - I adore this series. It’s ok to cry. I think I’m holding it together a little more this time around. . . I think. :)

Heather M. - I adored these photos on IG and I adore these photos now. It’s so unbelievable that our boys are heading of to Kindergarten, isn’t it? I wish we could go for coffee on their first day, wipe our tears together and have a big long chat. xoxo

Karli - Eeekkkk!!!!! LOVE THESE SO MUCH. The grid… the b&w…. the light!!! So cool.

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