these photos make me happy



I was looking back through my summer photos and came across these from our family vacation last month to the Dells.  Water parks are not very big camera friendly, especially when I was in the water most of the time with the kids.  But I did grab it from our room one evening to capture some of our water fun.  I even handed it off to D at one point so I could have proof that I did indeed accompany Eli on that water slide (about twenty times).

I’m learning the value and importance of memory making and what an investment it is with my kids, with our family.  And how quality time with them needs to take priority over other “stuff”.  Our basement might not be finished, but we had a really great vacation with our kids.  Our landscaping in our backyard needs to be done, but my E’s are still talking about going down water slides with mom and dad.

These photos make my heart happy.  Because I see joy in every single one.  And I know our investment was so worth it.


remembering summer: evie selfie » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] of photos taken with Evie’s little waterproof point and shoot camera from our trip to the WI Dells.  I couldn’t help but smile at this one, a selfie taken under water.  My little fish.  I […]

michelle - Ahh, I love seeing you and Darin sliding!! :) What a fun family adventure! That place looks amazing! :)

Heather - Adore these and the investment this trip was – so worth it!

Jean - i feel that less and less families are actually do this, taking time for each other. vacation, period. they are an investment and yes, the basement can wait. i love how you value your relationship among your family, with your husband, kids, and each other as a whole. that is so beautiful!

i also love these photos! makes me want to hit the water park on this hot day!!

tracey - Loved the photos of you and D coming down the slide! I was just talking with a friend the other day how water parks are like the LAST place I would ever want to go to. But, after seeing your lovely light and how fun you all seemed to be having, I might reconsider. :)

Lisa B - Evie’s suit is ADORABLE!!! I finally relented to the girls pleading and went down some water slides myself this summer… turns out, they are just as fun when I’m 34 than when I was a kid. :)

Jessica - Love these. Looks like you had a wonderful time and your kids look so happy! This makes me want to go on vacation with my kids.

andrea - So happy that you had such a wonderful time in the water with your kids. :-) you’ve got a great family there.

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