on the front step


I was cleaning out some photo files yesterday and came across these from back in June when we were in Mountain Lake visiting all of the cousins.  The swimming had been done for the day, and some of us were sitting on the front porch just chatting and hanging out.  My sweet niece decided to join us.

I can’t recall why, but mom had told her she had to stay up on the porch and that she couldn’t go down the steps into the yard.  I sat back and snapped away as she kept asking, “I go down steps? I go down steps mama?”, testing her limits and being pretty darn cute doing it.  There are loads of photos below showing just this.  I just couldn’t exclude any of them.  Her cute little mannerisms, pushing the boundaries, playing and exploring…  They made me smile on this Tuesday morning.


Dorann Montgomery - Love these pics. You always catch “the blessings” in life.

gina - beautiful! you did a great job and she is so cute!

tracey - She is too adorable. Love the light in these too!

michelle - I love when kids (and dogs) push the limits… right. up. to. the. line. ;)

Sweet shots. Adorable little girl. Awesome porch!!

andrea - Too cute. Great editing.

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