his birthday


Today we celebrated Darin’s birthday.  If you know me you know that I enjoy making birthdays a big deal for our family.  I usually make sure and plan something special, get a gift or two, and of-course have the kids help with special treats.  I even took Darin’s birthday off work this year so I could be home because it was my work weekend and I wanted to be there with the family.

Well, last week life happened in the form of a little surgery that I had to have.  I thought it would be no big deal.  I would be home the same day, be back to myself the next day, no big deal.  I’d spend Friday getting Darin’s gift and making special treats.  But it was a big deal.  It was surgery.  I’m still not back to myself.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  I’ve had surgery before.  I should have known better!  I was not prepared for Darin’s birthday.  No gift, no special treats.  I felt awful.

Thankfully he’s pretty great.  And he’s totally understanding.  And he thought for his birthday it would be fun to take the kids to a movie.  And we all ran out together and got him some special treats.  And then we celebrated on the deck tonight.  And I snapped a few quick photos to remind myself of how blessed I am.  Happy Birthday, honey.


gina - Despite not feeling well you still captured everything so well! And you look great post op….is that a “percocet glow” I see?!? Just kidding! xoxo

Heather M. - adore that last photo! and i think he looks pretty darn happy in those photos (and i imagine he was pretty understanding about everything too).

DebZorn - The group hug is the best! Happy Birthday Darin.

michelle - Yep, I think you still pulled off a loving and “Stacey-esque” birthday for him full of love and attention. I adore these photos and I love your passion and love of celebrating your family! Happy Birthday, Darin.

Jessica - I’m positive he was happy. Guys don’t need all that stuff like we do. Just having you guys with him, plus getting to see a movie and have a treat was enough, I’m sure. You did great, lady.

Naomi - Its 2:30 am and im drooling over here…im having a hard time focusing on your lovely photography…my eyes go straight to the cookies… :) happy day to your hubby. Looks like he had a good one! Cute pics!

Andrea - All of these photos are just perfect! You’re photos and editing is just pure perfection all the time! You’ve got great talent and a gift not many have. Keep it up.

jean - oh man. foo fighters t-shirt – that is awesome!

happy birthday to your boyfriend! ;) you guys are so darling. love how leo is looking right AT the camera!

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