bunk buddies



The room that the kids shared while we were in the Wisconsin Dells last month had a bunk bed, a double bed below with a twin above.  When we booked the room we decided that we would have to make an every other night rule with the kids because we thought for sure they would fight over that top bunk.  One night Evie would get it, the next night Eli would get his turn.  I mean, what kid doesn’t want to sleep in the top bunk?

Well, fighting over the top bunk was not an issue when were there.  My sweet kidlets wanted to sleep together.  In the bottom bunk.

It made this mom’s heart very happy.

Love these two and I love the love they have for one another.


Danica - So…. I am a tad behind on the blog reading. Like haven’t read any since March. And tonight at work I have a spare moment and so I am reading…. yours :) Yay!

Seriously Stacey. You are so unbelievably talented. AH-MAZE-ING photos. These bunk bed shots????? Breathtaking. The little lady on the porch??? So fun! All of the pool shots and summer shots and I just want to comment on them all how great they are!

Did you know I seriously considered asking you to come to Banff to photograph our wedding? I ended up hiring someone local to the area and I am estatic to get those too – but it would have been so amazing to have you there. After seeing these photos I think… Why didn’t I just ask?

Please never stop taking and sharing your photos!

Heather - That is so awesome!

gina - these are so sweet and i love how you posted them in black and white.

michelle - I love these. Our kids always did the same thing on vacation. So sweet and great light and editing. :)

Andrea - They are so lucky they have each other. :-)

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