at the falls

A few months ago one of my dear co-workers asked me if I’d snap a few photos of her kids before some big life stuff happens.  Big life stuff being sending two kids off to college, putting your house up for sale, and moving you and your 15 year old down to Iowa to be with dad who is already there.  She wanted photos of her kids in Minnesota together one last time before all this happened.

So I met them at Minnehaha Falls, a place that in their years living here had never been.  I followed them around the park and snapped away as they explored, climbed, splashed, laughed, and ate ice cream together. I do believe we even got a few genuine smiles out of the 15 year old.  I wanted it to be relaxed and not a “photo shoot”; I wanted it to something fun for them as siblings before they all go their separate ways.  Below are a few frames from our time together.

And one last side note…  I’ve worked with their mom for years in labor and delivery.  I still remember some of my first shifts working nights with Traci at my side teaching me the ropes.  She has been a wonderful co-worker and she will be missed.  xo



tracey - These turned out wonderful Stace! Love the light and the colors! They looked like they were having a fun time. :)

susan keller - it’s so totally clear that these siblings enjoy each other, and Stacey, you captured that truth in the most delightful, wonderful way! I love the playfulness, beauty & laughter in these photos.

michelle - These are so fantastic. I have to admit to getting emotional reading that she’s sending her two off to college. This “non photo shoot” captured something that is so fleeting and that is our time having our kids at home with us. We think it will last forever or that we WANT that time back to ourselves and their leaving will be sort of nice but as a mom with two kids in high school now my heart aches at the thought of my kids moving on to college and our time with them home coming to a close.

I’m having to try really hard to not start bawling looking at these. What a perfect thing to capture these last days together. Beautifully done, S. So lovely.

Heather M. - Seriously?! These photos are awesome, Stace!

Amanda - What a fun group of kids!! Looks like you all had a great time. What sweet memories for them all.
Well done. :)

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