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I just sat down at my computer and looked at the hundreds of photos from July sitting in my Lightroom library and felt completely overwhelmed.  I have so much I want to share of our busy and fun month, yet I have absolutely no motivation to actually do it.  After a crazy yet wonderful July I’ve been in a post-vacation coma, blues, laziness, whatever you want to call it.  I must get out of this little slump so I’m forcing myself to edit some photos today.  To just get back into the swing of things.  I finally settled on these images of Evie while we were downtown Wisconsin Dells.  I think I like them because she looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world.  She’s in her own little fantasy land, not caring about anything else but twirling (and if you could hear her, singing).  I often pray that I could be more like her.

This past weekend I helped Evie clean out her room.  Oh my, she is a hoarder.  Did she get this from me?  Maybe.  Although I like to call myself sentimental instead of the “h” word.  I’ve gotten much better, though, and in helping Evie with her room I tried to help her figure out the stuff she really wanted to keep.  To her, everything is special because a special person gave it to her or it’s a picture of a special person or it makes her think of someone special or a special person gifted it to her.  Nevermind that it was something a special person gifted to her when she was three and she’s long outgrown it, it’s special.  Thankfully she now has a baby cousin to pass this stuff down to.  I used the phrase, “That would be perfect for Haddie!”, numerous times.

We got her a cute rolling little tray thing at IKEA, aqua colored, to use as a nightstand.  It’s super cute and I kinda wish I had one in my room.

When I feel the need to punish my husband I take him to IKEA on a Sunday.  Then I buy something that requires assembly.



The weather has been less than summer-like here.  Kinda cool.  It feels more like September.  Or it feels like we are getting the spring we never had in August.  It’s been nice not having the air conditioning on for the past three weeks, but I love summer and heat and even a little humidity and I also love to swim with the kids so I’m hoping for another string of hot days very soon.  Four weeks from today my kids will be back in school.  I want some more summer please.

The kids have VBS this week and I’ve been reminded what 2.5 hours alone during the day is like.  So yes, I want some more summer, but that 2.5 hours will be nice.

Speaking of going back to school….can I just tell you that I already have their school supplies bought?  Guys, this is a first for me.  Usually I’m waiting until the very last minute (like the day before school orientation) and visiting multiple stores (God-forbid Walmart being one of them) to weed through the picked through supplies.  I spent one hour in Target and just bought them all.  Done.  Bada bing.  Bada boom.

Yesterday I went to Staples to get some shipping supplies and saw the school supplies there.  And then the checkout lady said that she got all of her school supplies for all three of her kids for under 25 bucks because she looks for the deals and shops around.  Which made me think that maybe I should have priced checked a bit and maybe gone to multiple stores to save some money?  But then I realized that I’m not that person and that my time is much more valuable to me than a few dollars.  And I’m okay with that.

We’ve been watching less and less TV and reading more in the evenings.  Darin is reading Catching Fire, which makes me really want to reread it (have you seen the trailer?).  And I’m reading Cleaning House, for non-fiction it has been really great, highly recommended.  I also just finished The Language of Flowers.  Also highly recommended.

The only TV I have been watching is, of-course, SYTYCD, which I’ve been less than thrilled with this year.  But did you see Anna Kendrick guest judge?  I thought she was really witty and insightful and I like her.

And speaking of Anna Kendrick, I’ll leave you with this.

Oh, and if you think of me tomorrow can you just say a quick little prayer?  I’m going from nurse to patient for hopefully just a little while and would appreciate it.  xo  Happy Tuesday, friends.


gina - love the photos but I can usually count on you…..you gave me anxiety when I read you bought your school supplies:)

michelle - Forgot to say, of course, praying for you today. <3

michelle - That book Cleaning House is GOOD. I got a lot of ideas from it.

Now, the real issue… what’s your struggle with SYTYCD this season? I was slow to warm up but I know it’s because I miss Eliana so much and just with the show was all her, all the time. I think the quality of dancers this year is super deep. I want the guy from Modern Family back as a guest judge. He’s my favorite. Share Stacey.

Jessica - Wherever did you find such a gorgeous wall? What an amazing find! These are beautiful.

Ashton hoards so many “special” things it’s crazy. I take a deep breath every time I enter her room, look straight ahead, and leave the same way. Sometimes I can get her to organize it, but getting rid of things…. not so much.

Hope everything’s OK?

Naomi - Dont even get me started on the hoarding…owen likes to keep every stick and rock he finds. Oh and you know the pamphlets you can get where ever…lowes, menards, housing booklets. You name it he grabs a bunch. So annoying. I have to secretly throw them away…
Love IKEA…just made my hubby put together a shoe organizer from there. Ha. Saw that aqua thing. Super cute.
I want more summer too.
What a pretty wall and pretty photos.
Hugs and prayers today.

Nikki Sinclair - We read The Language of Flowers for book club last month…mine is still sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read next week on vaca so glad to hear you enjoyed it! All the best tomorrow. IKEA comment made me laugh. Awesome. All the best tomorrow. God bless.

Sissy - Haddie is loving the fact that you did some cleaning!! :-)

tracey - I think its funny that I just finished a post saying how I felt coming home from a trip, and then I come over here and you spoke of those same feelings. I hear ya!
Love these photos of E. Love the wall and the green and her dress.
Love that little aqua tray thing in IKEA. I’ve wanted to get it but not sure where I’d put it??
Praying for your day tomorrow!
p.s. and thank you for washing my sheets! A nice treat to come home to!

Heather M. - I love your random posts so very much. i really want to do one.

those photos are just amazing. i want her dress. and that wall reminds me of the one we saw in carmel which makes me miss you.

i started a book yesterday – first i’ve read all summer, what alice forgot. it’s been a fun read so far. i started cleaning house and had to put it down because i just didn’t need to feel guilty about one more thing right now. it’s a good book though. someday i will pick it up again. and my poor kids have been doing a lot more chores and helping out and i only read the first 2 chapters. ;)

we’ve been having similar weather this summer. ugh.

and i will pray and have been praying for tomorrow. love you so much, friend.

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