t-ball trophy


Last week Eli had his last day of T-ball, which he’s been going to every Thursday night this summer.  He was soooooo excited for baseball this summer and even more excited for his last day because he got a trophy.  Which is a big deal.   Can I just say that watching a bunch of 5-year-olds attempt to play baseball is like the cutest thing ever?  And what a blessing to have our old children’s pastor, Pastor Tim, as one of Eli’s coaches this year.

I did not bring my big camera to the playing field (shocker, I know), but I did snap a few shots of my little leaguer with his trophy after his last game last Thursday night.  He’s mighty proud of that trophy.


Heather M. - so glad he had so much fun! he’s such a cutie.

michelle - Okay, it must be said. He is one of the most adorable little boys in the entire world. His smile melts me.

Congratulations to your little leaguer. :)

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