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Yes, I am still here.  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after returning on Monday from a long weekend with my boyfriend in California, a belated anniversary trip.  Darin and I had the opportunity to stay at my dear friend’s house while she is on her own vacation, catch a John Mayer concert, and explore the beautiful state for a few days.  It was so lovely and needed and wonderful.  And I’m so thankful to my mom and Darin’s parents for watching our kids so we could spend this time together.

I think when you are living your life in full on parent mode you sometimes forget that you wouldn’t be a parent had you not started out as a couple.  Whenever D and I plan date nights or the rare trips away from the kids the whole guilt thing comes on.  Guilt about leaving the kids.  Guilt about putting all those responsibilities on someone else.  That guilt that you should be home with them, that you are being selfish, that it’s a lot for you to leave with someone else.  But the more and more we do it, the less guilt I feel because I realize how incredibly vital and important it is for us.  It needs to be a priority.  Enough with the guilt.  I want my marriage to stand the test of time.  Enough said.

We were super busy while in California.  We drove over to Santa Cruz, caught the concert at an outdoor amphitheater (with NO mosquitoes), took a trip down the coast to Big Sur (amazing), dined in Carmel, walked the Golden Gate, took a ferry up the Bay, and met a friend of Darin’s for supper.  But the highlight for me was visiting this gorgeous beach the day we drove down to Big Sur.  Definitely off the beaten path, we took a one lane road to get to it and waited in line to park in it’s parking lot.  But it was well worth it.  After a walk along the sand (I was somewhat obsessed with the purple sand that this beach happens to be known for), Darin and I took a rest on a blanket for awhile and just listened to the waves crash against the rock formations towering out of the ocean in front of us.  It was a little slice of heaven and a place that I will definitely be visiting again our next visit.

It was my favorite part of our California date.


Heather M. - had to come see these photos again. it looks so different than it did the night we were there.

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Heather M. - Just reading through your blog and came upon these photos. Words can’t express how excited I am to visit here in just over 80 days with you!!!!!!!!

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gina - so sweet and so beautiful and I really want an overnight date right now!!!! xoxo

tracey - Just got home and am am decompressing. Loved coming here and seeing you and D on this beautiful part of the coast. Part of me is so sad that I couldn’t be there too, but I am grateful that I could see you briefly. :) And I love seeing my beach blanket in the photos too. So glad you had a wonderful time and that you loved Big Sur and got to bring D with you to share it!

Heather M. - so beautiful. so very glad you were able to have this time away with D and especially to go to CA with him.

Nikki Sinclair - “Enough with the guilt. I want my marriage to stand the test of time.” Amen sister.

jean - ok. b & i aren’t married nor do we have kids, but i believe couples (married or not) do need “that” time to rekindle and all that good stuff together. it is vital and if anyone disagrees then i think they need to give that time a try. and what fabulous family to care for your children (as that time w/ their grandparents alone are awesome too). i’m always up to hang out w/ my little nieces & nephews while my siblings and their spouse go out for a night/weekend. and what awesome friend you have to be able to vacation at her home! ;) these images are breath-taking!

Laura - I couldn’t agree more. This has been on my mind a lot lately…..searching for freedom from the guilt {the kids will be fine!! focus on my husband!} and realizing the importance of a solid set of parents in raising children. Thank you for the reminder. I’ve been loving your shots on Instagram. These are amazing too. :)

Andrea - So happy for you that you got a date with your boyfriend. Glad you had such an amazing time. Your marriage will definitely stand the test of time. You’re lucky – not all do. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Jessica - I admit I’m pretty jealous. Being so far from family to watch our kids, we don’t even get dates right now. Maybe one day.

I was born in Carmel and raised in Sac. Everytime I go back to Cali I love it there and want to stay. Maybe one day.

Isn’t beach photography just the best?!?

michelle - These just fill my heart with joy. That you got this experience with Darin. That you were THERE. That you saw her. That you touched the Pacific again. I just love all of it. And I totally understand that guilt about leaving the kids/asking someone else to take on that responsibility. I’m so glad that you did it anyway.

sara - so lovely.
i hope you are printing/hanging these! that sand. incredible!!

so wonderful to have a weekend away! away with the guilt!

skeller - heavenly. simply. heavenly.

I’m so happy you got a Cali-date with your boyfriend :-).

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