I’m not nearly as eloquent with words as she is, so I’m having a hard time deciding what to write about being there a second time as they arrived home.  Instead I’ll just say what a joy and honor it was to take these photographs for them.  After adopting child number two from Uganda, they are now a family of six.

The mom of this clan waited in Africa along with their oldest daughter for weeks to bring their newest gift home.  They were greeted with hugs and tears, a little boy with wet pants, an entourage of family with cameras ready, and missing luggage.  Kim took everything in stride, and at one point said, “Wow, I can’t believe we have four kids now”, holding the 22 month old and watching the older kids run around them in circles.  It made me smile.  I have no doubt that six is going to be a wonderful number for them.

Below is a slideshow of our time together (music by Tracy Chapman).  Have a tissue ready.

Welcome home.


tracy - simply stunning. you are an amazing talent my friend!!

Heather - I was crying by the third photo. Amazing. Praying for them as they cocoon.

skeller - beautiful family. beautiful song. beautiful homecoming. all beautifully captured by you, Stacey. May God richly bless them all…

ps. that 4th from last picture just slays me…

gina - so very happy i chose to watch this in the comforts of my own bed so no one needed to see this blubbering mess!!!!!! so very beautiful! thank you for sharing! hugs.

Naomi - Awesome. That’s all. :) Ps. Love Tracy Chapman.

tracey - These are just so precious and wonderful! Wow, tears over the joy they are feeling. What an adventure and what hearts they have! What a gift you gave them to Stace. You were the perfect person to capture this moment!

liza - Truly special. So how many boxes of tissues did you go through?

Andrea - Perfection.

Sissy - You did another amazing job, Stace; way to capture a beautiful homecoming.

Jean - The song went so well with the lovely photos! What a precious moment!! I cracked up when the little boy’s shorts fell then the remaining, he had them off. I love seeing real things like this!! You are so awesome at this, Stacey! What a beautiful family!

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